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Owning free weights at home allows us to embrace the benefits of the gym without the annoyance of traveling to one. A home gym can help you avoid the grunts and awkward wait time at a gym’s bench area while allowing you to experiment with various methods and techniques to advance your fitness level from the comfort of your home. Whether you seek gains in weight or tone in reps, free weights give you more opportunities to test out new training routines or train with friends without the annoyance of judgmental strangers.

Maintaining a tidy home gym helps prevent frustrations by your spouse, roommates or even you if you keep banging your foot against a loose dumbbell every morning. The right dumbbell rack helps keep your weights safely consolidated and accessible. However, to ensure the safe and efficient storage of your free weights at home, you will want a quality dumbbell storage rack to keep things together and ready to use on the spot. Whether you are just beginning your free weight experience or are approaching Olympic status, we want to share some of our research to help you find the best dumbbell rack based on your home and fitness equipment needs.

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Our Picks for The Best Dumbbell Racks

Best Overall Dumbbell Rack - Marcy Three-Tier Dumbbell Rack DBR-86

Best Overall Dumbbell Rack - Marcy Three-Tier Dumbbell Rack DBR-86

Style: Three-tier horizontal, angled shelves

Dimensions: 37″ x 24.75″ x 33″

Material: Steel

Weight Capacity: 1000 pounds

Assembly: 4.7/5

Product Weight: 54.5 pounds

 Reasons to buy:

1000 pound capacity

Scratch-resistant finish

Reasons to skip:

If you are using few free weights

If you want a rack that can support long barbells

With scratch-resistant construction, accessible ergonomic design and an ability to handle nearly 20 times its weight, the Marcy 3-Tier DBR-86 dumbbell weight rack is our favorite choice for your home gym. The easily assembled 3-tier weight rack is welded together using a commercial-grade steel construction, ensuring long-term durability and a safe base for your dumbbells to rest. So whether you’re trying to incorporate a weight in your cardio or work on getting those lats rock-solid, the Marcy 3 DBR-86’s three sturdy storage levels with a total weight capacity of 1000 pounds is perfect for efficiently supporting various dumbbell sizes.

The DBR-86 has a special powder coat finish that is scratch resistant, making this rack one that can keep its fresh look for years to come. The Marcy Three-Tier also includes heavy-duty rubberized feet, helping prevent scratches on your floor, and keeping the rack balanced and composed when dropping your weights on it. In addition, the stand is strategically shaped to easily accommodate your weights while placing them on or taking them off the shelf. This design makes it an ideal rack for changing weights when switching exercises quickly (without making a mess) while offering a charming display of your weight collection when not in use. When seeking a practical dumbbell rack for your home gym that’s built to last, we got to go with the Marcy Three-Tier DBR-86 as our favorite!

Best Starter Dumbbell Rack - Cap Barbell A-Frame Dumbbell Rack

Best Starter Dumbbell Rack - Cap Barbell A-Frame Dumbbell Rack

Style: Five-tier A-frame vertical dumbbell rack

Dimensions: 26.57” x 5.91” x 5.12”

Material: Steel, rubber

Weight Capacity: 200 pounds

Assembly: 4.1/5

Product Weight: 10.5 pounds

Reasons to buy:

Space-saving design

Great for consumers on a budget

Reasons to skip:

If you are using dumbbells that exceed 35 pounds

If you own a set of dumbbells that exceeds 200 pounds

When it comes to free weights, we need to be patient as we start small and aim big. The Cap Barbell A-Style metal dumbbell rack is a strategically compact stand built to hold up to 200 pounds of dumbbell weight. Built for easy weight storage of up to five pairs of dumbbells, the Cap is a great starter rack for those just starting with free weight training in their home or individuals who go for reps rather than weight. In addition, the A-design gives the rack a small footprint, helping you to maximize your floor space and making it perfect for those of us short on space in the home.

The Cap’s finish is blended with a coated powder to deter scruffs and scratches. Additionally, if you are seeking to add some color to your home gym, the Cap is uniquely available in seven color options. Most dumbbells ranging from five to 35 pounds will reliably fit on this rack, which gives you plenty of options regardless of the rack’s “starter” status. Furthermore, weighing in at only 10.5 pounds and requiring minimal assembly, the Cap A-stand is quite mobile, allowing you to move it to the living room for winter training or the patio in the summer for some quality outdoor exercising. Whether you’re just starting with free weights at home or don’t need so many choices, the Cap Barbell A-rack is an excellent addition to your home gym!

Best Durable Dumbbell Rack - Akyen Three-Tier Dumbbell Rack

Best Durable Dumbbell Rack - Akyen Three-Tier Dumbbell Rack

Style: Three-tier horizontal, angled shelves

Dimensions: 37.6” x 24” x 37.44”

Material: Steel

Weight Capacity: 1100 pounds

Assembly: 4.5/5

Product Weight: 46 pounds

Reasons to buy:

If you use extra-heavy dumbbells

Generous warranty

Reasons to skip:

If you are using smaller weights

If you want a rack that supports long barbells

If you’re pushing the limits and reaching for those 150-pound dumbbells, you want the most durable rack you can find. The Akyen three-tier dumbbell rack is constructed with high-quality A3 steel and can be a reliable friend to spot your ultra-heavy weights in between sets. The steel shelves are polished to have a smooth finish that is resistant to scratches, while they also include an odor-free rubber pad to prevent slipping and enable prompt weight placement. In addition, Akyen’s slanted build is ergonomically constructed to make placing and grabbing your dumbbells as easy and safe as possible. Furthermore, the angle of the stand helps you to get the most out of the least space.

As for the info you’ve been waiting for, this is a beast of a dumbbell rack. Despite weighing only 46 pounds, this rack has an 1100-pound holding capacity and shelves capable of supporting up to five 150-pound dumbbells! Excellent for beginners, the sleek black design makes the rack a charming addition to any home gym, and it is pleasantly easy to assemble, with all assembly tools included with your purchase. With Akyen’s 30-plus years in the weightlifting world, it’s no surprise that this rack has a generous 1-year warranty either. So if you have a hulk-size collection of weights at home, get them organized right with the Akyen!

Best Compact Dumbbell Rack - Body-Solid Three-Tier Horizontal Dumbbell Rack

Best Compact Dumbbell Rack - Body-Solid Three-Tier Horizontal Dumbbell Rack

Style: Three-tier horizontal dumbbell rack

Dimensions: 20.08” x 40.16” x 29.92”

Material: Steel

Weight Capacity: 500 pounds

Assembly: 4.5/5

Product Weight: 50 pounds

Reasons to buy:

Great compact design for storage of heavier dumbbells

Lifetime warranty

Reasons to skip:

It may not be adequate for super heavy dumbbells

It may not be ideal for consumers on a budget

When not using our weights, we want them safely stored without taking up too much space. The Body-Solid three-tier horizontal dumbbell rack can be easily placed against any wall in your home, allowing you to safely store your weights without taking up too much space. The 3-tier design provides maximum storage space with level placement against any wall, resembling a dresser or similar non-intrusive furniture. Furthermore, this welded steel heavy-duty rack is built to last. Body-Solid is so confident in this rack’s lifespan and durable construction that they offer a limited lifetime warranty.

The Body-Solid three-tier can hold up to 10 pairs of hexagonal dumbbells ranging from five to 50 pounds. So whether you’re just starting or fully advanced, this rack gives you plenty of options even amidst a small space. Also notable, while already a durable and safe foundation for your free weight set, the Body-Solid is also deburred or has smoothed out its sharp edges to further its safety-based design. So keep your free weights compact and ready to go with the Body-Solid three-tier horizontal dumbbell rack!

Easiest Dumbbell Rack to Assemble - XMark Hex Dumbbell Storage Rack

Easiest Dumbbell Rack to Assemble - XMark Hex Dumbbell Storage Rack

Style: Three-tier horizontal, angled-lipped shelves

Dimensions: ‎50” x 11” x 7.9”

Material: Steel, rubber

Weight Capacity: 550 pounds

Assembly: 4.6/5

Product Weight: 75 pounds

Reasons to buy:

Lipped shelves to further secure weights

Angled shelves for easier access

Reasons to skip:

Heavier lifters may want to reconsider

Single color option

Hours of annoying assembly can ruin our excitement when adding that new dumbbell rack to your home gym. However, the XMark Hex Dumbbell rack is a 3-tier steel and rubber-coated rack that arrives organized and packed for easy, headache-free assembly. The 3-tier rack requires about an hour of assembly, with all materials included for fastening and a reportedly straightforward instructional manual appreciated by its users. The heavy-duty rack can safely hold up to 550 pounds in weight despite having only three shelves. Furthermore, the shelves are designed with an upper lip to create an even more stable place for the weights when putting them back on the rack. The XMark also includes easily attached rubber feet to prevent scratches on your floor, keep the rack balanced and prevent you from stubbing your toes. So if you want to grab a rack that can be easily assembled and ready to go on the same day, check out the XMark Hex 3-tier rubber-coated dumbbell rack when considering the next addition to your home gym!

How to Find the Best Dumbbell Rack

When seeking the perfect dumbbell rack for your home, whether through Amazon or directly from the manufacturer, you should consider a few things before making your decision. First off, what type of free weight routine will you be pursuing? Will you need many weights, and how heavy will the weights be? For example, if you are incorporating dumbbells into a HIIT routine, you may not need a rack with the same weight or storage capacity as you would if you’re simply looking to lift and put on mass. So by understanding your free weight goals, you can better understand the rack you need.

Furthermore, the space in your home is another factor to consider to ensure you choose a rack size that helps you train without losing living space. In addition, if you have children, you want to make sure you get a rack with smoothed edges and stable shelving. These are a few considerations to make. However, listing in advance what your fitness goals and lifestyle needs demand in a dumbbell rack is the best way to ensure you make the best choice when bringing a dumbbell rack into your home.

What To Look For When Buying A Dumbbell Rack

Make sure you understand the defining features of a rack before choosing one for your home!


A dumbbell rack’s size should reflect the number of weights you need to store and the amount of free space in your home. Fortunately, the dumbbell racks’ footprint and storage specs are available to consumers in advance and can help ensure the rack fits your home and workout needs.

Weight Capacity

Understanding a dumbbell rack’s weight capacity is essential to ensure the safe storage of your weights. If you are collecting many heavy weights, you will want a rack that reflects this. Overwhelming a dumbbell rack’s weight capacity can lead to terrible accidents (falling weights, for example), making weight capacity an important consideration before making your dumbbell rack choice. Furthermore, while some of us may need that 1000-plus weight capacity rack, for those of us using fewer or lighter weights, you will discover that unnecessarily buying racks with heavier weight capacities can essentially be a waste of money. Before making that choice, consider your weight needs when getting the right dumbbell rack, not only for your safety but also for your savings!


Welded heavy-gauge steel, rubber or smoothed edges and ergonomic design are three crucial things to evaluate when choosing your dumbbell rack. You need durable materials to ensure a safe and stable rack, with steel being a suggested go-to. However, you also want a rack that considers children or your feet, meaning a rack that minimizes sharp points in its build. Lastly, whether the shelves are angled, lipped, or both, you want a rack designed to make taking your dumbbells on and off its shelves equally efficient and safe.


Whether designed to minimize a dumbbell rack’s footprint in your home or to hold maximum weight, a dumbbell rack’s design is calculated to offer a particular purpose. Understanding the reasoning behind your dumbbell rack’s design can help you to choose the right one for your home and fitness needs!

  • A-Frame: An A-frame dumbbell rack looks how it sounds, which means that A-frame racks resemble the top half of the letter A. Usually capable of holding between six and 10 pairs of dumbbells, the A-frame design of these racks is intended to offer safe space-saving storage for a home gym with a smaller dumbbell collection.
  • Horizontal Rack: Horizontal dumbbell racks are designed to offer horizontally structured multi-tiered shelf storage for your dumbbell collection. They usually have a higher weight and storage capacity and are used more for larger home gym weight collections than vertical or A-frame racks. Horizontal dumbbell racks are the most common type of dumbbell racks seen at commercial gyms in the free weight area.
  • Angled Horizontal Rack: Angled horizontal racks are very similar to standard horizontal dumbbell racks. However, the angled shelves’ design offers more versatility by helping to make your dumbbells’ listed weight more accessible to the eye. Furthermore, the angled design creates easy access to the shelf when taking the dumbbells on and off as you train. In addition, angled shelves usually include an upper lip that helps to keep your dumbbells secure while not compromising the benefits of the angled design.
  • Vertical Rack: Vertical dumbbells use a tower-like design with a sturdy base to offer space-saving storage for your weight collection. Vertical racks tend to have lower storage and weight capacity than horizontal racks but are quite practical for those with a smaller dumbbell collection looking to save space in their home.

Other Considerations


Dumbbell racks can cost anywhere from $30 to $500. The cost of a dumbbell rack reflects the amount of weight and storage they offer and the quality of the materials used in their construction.

Types of Weights/Dumbbells

There are many types of free weights, from kettlebells and medicine balls to long barbell weights. However, concerning dumbbells, there are a few worth noting:

Studio dumbbells are smaller fixed-weight dumbbells usually incorporated into aerobic exercises and stored on vertical or A-frame racks.

Hexagonal dumbbells have a hexagon shape that prevents them from rolling when dropped on the floor. Rubber hex dumbbells are typically cheaper than round dumbbells due to their material and fixed weight. Furthermore, their shape makes them ideal for floor exercises such as dumbbell push-ups.

Round dumbbells have round-shaped ends and are usually used for heavier lifting. In addition, many non-fixed round dumbbell weights can act as adjustable dumbbells and can be dual-compatible with long barbells for bench pressing. However, if used carelessly, round dumbbells can be dangerous as they can roll on the floor.

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