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Home gyms are rising in popularity, and it’s easy to understand why. It’s tough to justify spending money on monthly memberships to gyms and studios when you can achieve a solid workout at home, eliminating travel time and dealing with crowds with the help of an online workout program. The one tough part of curating your own home gym is coming up with the space to do it –– not everyone has an extra room or garage space that can fit a ton of equipment. We’ve come up with a list of the best exercise equipment for small spaces that deliver top-notch workouts while taking up a fraction of the storage space of traditional exercise equipment. Depending on your needs, how you prefer to exercise and the amount of space you have to work with, this list of compact fitness equipment covers a variety of activities and options. Find the perfect fit for your home gym, regardless of how much space you have. 

Our Picks for The Best Exercise Equipment for Small Spaces

Best Overall - Tonal Home Gym

Best Overall Machine

Footprint: None, wall-mount 

Weight: 150 lbs

Type of Workouts: Strength, cardio, yoga + more

Assembly Required: Yes, professional installation requireda

Max Resistance/Weight: 100 lbs per arm

Price: $2,995

Good for:

Those who enjoy guided workouts

People who don’t want to buy additional equipment

Notable features: 

Automatically sets optimal weight for movements

Form guidance and technique help

Types of Workouts: Strength, cardio, yoga, mobility, HIIT, pilates, barre, kick-boxing, prenatal, post-natal, bootcamp, recovery, family fun, meditation

Working Out With Tonal

If you want to boost the intensity of your home workouts but aren’t sure where to start, the Tonal offers users a home gym and personal trainer all in one. This wall-mounted device works through cables that extend from arms to give you the full cable machine experience without taking up any of the square footage. After taking a full body assessment, Tonal will automatically adjust and increase the weight–using electromagnetic force–for certain exercises to help you progress and get stronger without having to think about it too much. Anyone new to strength training (and even those who aren’t!) will love the sensors in the Tonal, which automatically help correct your form and technique to ensure you’re correctly performing the exercises and receiving the most benefit from them. And if you’re not feeling up to strength training that day, there’s a whole host of other class types available, such as cardio, yoga, pilates and even family-friendly workouts. 

Storing the Tonal

Because it’s a wall-mounted device, you don’t need any additional storage space for the Tonal, and the included cables and attachments mean you won’t need room for dumbbells, benches and other bulky equipment. Tonal does recommend clearing up around seven feet of wall space and seven feet of floor space to give yourself enough room to do the workouts without worrying about bumping into anything. 

Why We Love It

If you want to get fit and experience the guidance and expertise that comes with a personal trainer but don’t want to go to the gym or actually find a trainer, Tonal is the next best thing. This device is a home gym, personal training app and all-around interactive fitness device that’s perfect for just about anyone. Whether you live far away from the gym, want to workout on a flexible schedule from the comfort of your home or don’t love the idea of training in public, the Tonal can help. 

Best Compact Treadmill - Echelon Stride Treadmill

Best Compact Treadmill

Footprint: 69” x 31” 

Weight: 156 lbs

Type of Workouts: Running, walking

Assembly Required: Yes, minor

Max Speed/Incline: 12 mph/12 incline levels

Price: $1,299

Good for:

Those looking to increase their cardio in a small space

People who like following along in running classes

Notable features: 

Folds to be 10” high for easy storage

Console screen + built-in device holder 

Working Out with the Echelon Stride

A treadmill is definitely one of the more space-consuming pieces of home gym equipment out there, which makes them more of a commitment to purchase than other devices. You’ll want to invest in something that doesn’t take up an entire room while also allowing you to run and get in a solid workout, which is where the Echelon Stride excels. This compact treadmill reaches up to 12 miles per hour and boasts 12 incline levels, so users can mix up their cardio. A smart device holder allows users to follow along on scenic and guided trails and running classes for an immersive experience, or they can stream their favorite movies and shows as they walk or run. 

Storing the Echelon Stride

While other treadmills tend to take up a whole lot of space when not in use, the Echelon Stride was designed for easy storage. Echelon’s patented auto-fold feature allows users to simple push a button: The treadmill will automatically condense into a platform around than 10 inches tall–perfect for storing under a couch, in a closet or against the wall. 

Why We Love It

A treadmill doesn’t have to take up half of a room. With the Echelon Stride, you can keep it stored out of the way so the guest room can go back to being a guest room when you aren’t working out. Smaller size doesn’t mean lesser quality, either. Unlike some compact treadmills, the Echelon Stride still offers high speeds and plenty of incline levels, so sprint drills, long uphill climbs and other workouts are possible.

Best Compact Rowing Machine - Sunny Health & Fitness Rowing Machine

Best Rowing Machine for Small Spaces

Footprint: 72.5” x 18.5”

Weight: 50 lbs

Type of Workouts: Rowing

Assembly Required: Yes

Resistance Levels: 16

Price: $289

Good for:

Those interested in a full-body workout from home

People with joint issues who can’t do other cardio exercises

Notable features: 

Features device holder for follow-along workouts

Wheels on one end for easy transportation

Working Out with the Sunny Health & Fitness Rowing Machine

Treadmill running and weight lifting isn’t for everyone, especially those with joint problems. A rowing machine is a great way to get in a full-body workout without placing a lot of pressure and strain on your knees, ankles or hips. The Sunny Health & Fitness rowing machine is an excellent compact rower that has all the features you want without any of the associated bulk. This narrow and lightweight rowing machine boasts adjustable pedals, a digital monitor to display your stats, a device holder to follow your workout stats or watch your favorite show and wheels that allow for easy transportation and storage. The slim design means it can fit in any room without commandeering the entire space, and it operates just as well as most standard rowing machines. 

Storing the Sunny Health & Fitness Rowing Machine

With a slim frame and wheels on one end, it’s easy to move this rowing machine around as needed. It can be tilted upright and leaned against a wall for easy storage that doesn’t take up much floor space, or users can wheel it into a more convenient area when it isn’t in use. 

Why We Love It

A rowing machine is a great way to work your back, legs, arms and core all at once, while also getting your heart rate up enough to make it a good form of cardio. If you’re looking for a small and compact machine to exercise your entire body without putting too much pressure on your joints, the Sunny Health and Fitness rowing machine is a one-size-fits-all solution. Whether you keep it in your garage, guest room, workout room or store it upright in a closet, this small-but-mighty machine is perfect for keeping in shape. 

Best Portable Exercise Equipment - BodyBoss 2.0

Best Portable Exercise Equipment

Footprint: 34” x 20”

Weight: 15 lbs

Type of Workouts: Resistance training

Assembly Required: No

Max Resistance/Weight: 500 lbs

Price: $179

Good for:

People on the go who still wants to do strength and resistance training

Anyone interested in strength training with very limited space

Notable features: 

Super portable for workouts virtually anywhere

Has instructional videos for follow-along workouts

Working Out with the BodyBoss 2.0

The BodyBoss 2.0 is a portable resistance bands system that gives users the ability to perform a huge variety of exercises, including squats, deadlifts, chest press and hundreds more (the total is over 300, according to their website) without needing more equipment than what they provide. The kit includes a workout bar, wrist and ankle straps, a door anchor, handles, two resistance bands and the base. The bands attach to the base using strategically placed clips that promote proper form for many exercises. If you want to increase the tension (or “weight”) on a band, simply attach it to more clips on the base and shorten the length of the band. Each band can provide around 30 pounds of resistance, and you can easily purchase more bands online through their website. The two bands together provide around 60 pounds of resistance, though the base can support up to 500 pounds. 

Storing the BodyBoss 2.0

One of the best parts of the BodyBoss 2.0 is the fact that it folds up to a super compact size, making storage and portability incredibly easy. When folded, the base dimensions are 17” by 20” by 2”, and the additional bands and attachments are very small and easy to store in a bag or bin. It’s small enough to keep in a closet or cabinet, and lightweight enough to bring along with you when you’re on the road and want to maintain your fitness

Why We Love It

Workout equipment doesn’t need to be bulky and fancy to be effective. You can get in a great workout with minimal equipment, and the BodyBoss 2.0 gives you tons of options for resistance training. Whether you want to do more resistance-based high intensity interval training (HIIT) or build your strength up, this system offers creative and varied methods for getting (and staying) in shape. 

Best Adjustable Dumbbells - BowFlex SelectTech Dumbbells 552

Best Adjustable Dumbbells

Footprint: 16.9” x 8.3”

Weight: 55.6 lbs per dumbbell with base

Type of Workouts: Strength training

Assembly Required: No

Max Resistance/Weight: 52.5 lbs per dumbbell

Price: $399

Good for:

Those who want a clutter-free and compact home gym

Anyone who enjoys strength training

Notable features: 

Includes one-year membership to JRNY 

Comes with storage trays

Working Out with the BowFlex SelectTech 552 Dumbbells

Dumbbells can take up a lot of space in a home gym or garage, especially once you accumulate multiple sets and start to add heavier weights to your collection. The BowFlex SelectTech adjustable dumbbells feature a single dumbbell grip with adjustable plates that alter the weight of the dumbbell. The weights increase in intervals of 2.5 pounds from 5 – 25 pounds, and are in intervals of five from 25 – 50 pounds. The maximum weight of each dumbbell is 52.5 pounds. To adjust the weight of the dumbbell, use the dials on the side of the dumbbells to select the weight you want. The storage trays keep everything organized and off the floor, keeping the dumbbells clean and making it easier to maximize space in your home gym. 

Storing the BowFlex SelectTech 552 Dumbbells

These dumbbells replace 15 sets of dumbbell weights in one single piece of equipment, saving you a ton of space and money. Whether you keep them in your storage closet or in your garage, they take up a fraction of the space that multiple dumbbell sets would. 

Why We Love It

Dumbbells don’t need to take up an entire corner of a room, and storing them shouldn’t be a huge pain. These adjustable dumbbells are easy to move around and barely take up any room while still providing a wide range of weight for all types of workouts. Whether you’re a beginner and want some lighter weights or prefer to use heavier weights, these dumbbells give you flexibility for your home workouts in a compact design. 

Best Adjustable Kettlebell - BowFlex SelectTech Kettlebell 840

Best Adjustable Kettlebell

Footprint: 8.8” x 7”

Weight: 40.5 lbs all together

Type of Workouts: Strength training/HIIT/Resistance training

Assembly Required: No

Max Resistance/Weight: 40 lbs

Price: $149

Good for:

People who enjoy incorporating weights into their workouts

Those who like using kettlebells and want several weight options

Notable features: 

Includes one-year JRNY membership

Six different weights in one kettlebell

Working Out with the BowFlex SelectTech Kettlebell 840

Kettlebells are a great piece of equipment to use during HIIT or resistance training. The handle can be easier to grip than on dumbbells and the design makes it easier to do some movements that require more momentum (like a kettlebell swing). The BowFlex SelectTech adjustable kettlebell can be adjusted to weigh 8, 12, 20, 25, 35 and 40 pounds, giving users lots of options when it comes to exercising with a kettlebell. This piece of equipment is easy to adjust and is a great option for adding a new dimension to your at-home workouts without taking up much space. 

Storing the BowFlex SelectTech Kettlebell 840

The footprint of this kettlebell is similar to any kettlebell, but this one is essentially six in one. This saves you a ton of room in your home gym setup, and also makes it easy to store when not in use. Gone are the days of hauling equipment from wherever they’re stored to your exercise mat; now you can grab the single piece of equipment you’ll need and start your workout. 

Why We Love It

Why buy six separate kettlebells when you can buy one that functions as six? Not only does this adjustable kettlebell save you some money (individual kettlebells can add up and quickly become pricey) but it saves you a ton of space. 

Best Workout Mirror - Mirror

Best Equipment for Small Spaces

Footprint: None, wall mount (dimensions: 56” x 22.4”)

Weight: 70 lbs

Type of Workouts: Cardio, strength, yoga, dance + more

Assembly Required: Yes

Max Resistance/Weight: N/A; Bodyweight

Price: $1,495

Good for:

Those who enjoy follow-along workouts 

Anyone who likes participating in a wide variety of exercise

Notable features: 

When off, functions as a sleek mirror

Offers over 10,000 different classes for endless exercise options

Types of Classes: Kettlebell, weight training, sculpt, family fun, arms + abs, yoga, chair, Tai Chi, bootcamp, cardio, strength, ballet, boxing, pilates, stretch, kickboxing, meditation, barre, dance, pre + postnatal

Working Out with the Mirror

The Mirror offers users an on-demand and follow-along workout experience, bringing the energy and instruction style of an exercise class to your home. With over 10,000 different classes across the varied categories, the Mirror offers myriad ways to get some exercise in. Users can join live classes and compete with their friends or tune in for an on-demand workout whenever suits their schedule. If you have free weights or other equipment, you can participate in strength classes that employ resistance training. If you don’t have any equipment, there are tons of bodyweight classes to choose from. The large variety of classes makes it easy to find exercise that keeps you engaged. The mirrored design lets you check and compare your form to the trainer, helping you perform exercises properly and build a foundation for future exercise. 

Storing the Mirror

With the wall-mounted design, there’s no storage required for the Mirror. All you need is a bit of space on a wall and some floor room around it and you’ve got a complete home gym and class center from the comfort of your home. 

Why We Love It

You can get the workout class and personal training experience from your home. The Mirror not only provides users with a library of thousands of workout classes, but users can also access daily live classes and have the option for personal training sessions. A camera, microphone and speakers on the Mirror allow users to meet and train with a personal trainer from their home. 

Best Bodyweight Exercise Equipment - TRX Home2 System

Best Bodyweight Exercise Equipment

Footprint: None

Weight: 1.5 lbs

Type of Workouts: Bodyweight resistance training

Assembly Required: No

Weight Capacity: 350 lbs

Price: $199

Good for:

Those who want bodyweight workouts from anywhere

Anyone interested in portable exercise equipment

Notable features: 

Super lightweight and comes with carry bag

Usable indoors and outdoors

Working Out with the TRX Home2 System

Before you underestimate the difficulty of bodyweight exercises, we recommend giving the TRX Home2 System a try. Not only do these suspension bands make your body weight feel like more than enough to get your muscles shaking from exertion, but they’re super portable and can be configured to give you a great home gym setup in nearly any location, including outdoors. 

Storing the TRX Home2 System

As it’s just a series of bands and handles, storing the TRX Home2 system is as simple as finding a tiny bit of space to store the carrying bag and you’re good to go. The entire setup weighs less than two pounds and is easily stored in a closet, cabinet or even under a bed. The lightweight and packable design makes it easy to travel with. 

Why We Love It

What if your entire home gym was able to fit inside a small bag? That’s what the TRX Home2 system was designed for, and reviewers say they have no difficulty working up a serious sweat using just their body weight and the tension provided by the bands. With door anchors and suspension anchors you can take your workout anywhere, whether you’re on vacation and want to enjoy the great outdoors or visiting family and using the space available.

Choosing Exercise Equipment for Small Spaces

When you have a limited space, a home gym can seem like an impossibility, but these space-saving pieces of equipment can work in even the most compact of homes or apartments. Below, we’ll cover some important factors to consider before investing in home gym equipment for your small space. 

Type of Workout

The type of equipment you purchase should be dependent on how you prefer to workout and stay active. If you enjoy running but find you clock fewer miles during the colder months, a foldable treadmill may be a good way to get your steps in. If you prefer strength training, resistance bands or adjustable dumbbells are compact solutions that work just as well as traditional dumbbells. If bodyweight and resistance training are more your speed, resistance bands or suspension bands are a cheap and portable way to stay in shape. 

Space Required

Some workouts require a bit more space than others, notably those with a lot of movement (HIIT, cardio, strength and resistance training) or those that use machines (running, rowing). If you’re interested in an exercise machine, such as a treadmill, the Tonal or the Mirror, ensure you have enough room before investing in a large piece of equipment. 

Electrical Outlets

Most exercise machines require the use of an outlet, so it’s important to map out where you’ll put the machine and ensure that you have enough space and access to an outlet before you purchase equipment.  


If you enjoy doing workouts that are impact-heavy (such as HIIT or running), consider whether you have the right space for those types of exercises before investing in equipment. If you live in an apartment building or complex with downstairs neighbors who might not appreciate the thudding that can come from jumping and running, perhaps try out resistance bands, free weights or other equipment that lends itself to neighbor-friendly exercise. 

What Do I Need to Make a Home Gym?

Starting your own home gym doesn’t need to be a complex endeavor, you can do it with nothing but a bit of space and some creativity if you don’t want to invest in any equipment. For those of us that want to add a little cardio, a simple machine (such as a treadmill or stationary bike) is sufficient, and those that want to improve their strength should invest in some strength or resistance equipment, like the ones we’ve outlined above. There are a few other considerations to make regardless of how you prefer to workout, and we’ve outlined them below. 


Regardless of how you like to exercise, chances are you’re going to need a bit of space to do it. Whether this is in your garage with the car pulled out, in the home office, in a guest room or in a living space, ensure that there’s ample room to move your body and use the equipment (if you’re using any) safely without risking hitting any walls or objects in the room. 

Additional Equipment

Depending on what type of workouts you like doing, a yoga mat or exercise mat can be a good item to pick up. Many body weight and home workouts involve sitting, laying or jumping on the floor, and a mat can help protect your body and your floor. 

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