Fitness fads come and go, but an enduring staple of endurance training remains the treadmill. However, finding the best treadmill in a field of so many is no small feat. Fortunately, our expert review team was able to winnow down the competition, and found nine of the best treadmills.

From sturdy, attractive treadmills that you’ll want to make the centerpiece of your home gym, to compact treadmills that can be tidily stowed away after a brisk walk, our roundup covers a range of budgets, spaces and fitness goals. Read on to explore our expert review team’s best treadmill picks, and find the perfect match for your home gym setup:

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Best Overall Treadmill - NordicTrack Commercial 1750

NordicTrack Commercial 1750 - Best Overall

Deck size: 22″ width x 60″ length

Footprint: (Unfolded) 81.25” length x 39.25” width x 62.75” height

Weight capacity: 300 pounds

Top speed: 12 mph

Incline range: -3 to 15 percent

Motor: 3.5 continuous horsepower

Built-in, preset workouts: Not included

Streaming workouts? Yes, via iFit. 1st month free. $39/month

Reasons to buy:

Sturdy, commercial-grade construction and well-cushioned deck for joints

Max 12 mph speed and -3-15% incline range allows for dynamic, effective training

You get 1 free month of iFit included, which provides immersive, coach-led walks, runs and hikes

Reasons to skip:

The monitor is “locked,” so you can’t use it to watch Netflix or other services

Tricky assembly

For the price, warranty could be better

NordicTrack’s Commercial line offers consumers some of the most well-rounded treadmills in the market. The brand’s mid-tier priced 1750 strikes a Goldilocks-esque “just right” balance of features and affordability, helping to earn our pick for best overall treadmill. With the NordicTrack Commercial 1750, you get a treadmill that’s built to stand the test of time, entertain you with its 14-inch Tilt & Pivot HD touchscreen and fine-tune your fitness with its ActivePulse technology, which automatically modifies speed and incline. To top it off, the NordicTrack Commercial 1750 has a solid sound system, and it’s easy to pair your Bluetooth devices with the treadmill’s speakers. 

NordicTrack’s monitor comes ready to run the iFit app, and a free month to the subscription service is included. The trainer-led iFit workouts make your runs more immersive, as automatic incline and decline kick in to match the visuals of the terrain on your monitor. You don’t have to subscribe to iFit to use your treadmill. However you’re better off looking at alternatives if you prefer your runs to be mostly self-guided but with a batch of basic presets included to structure them, no subscription necessary.

For those looking to save space, the NordicTrack Commercial 1750 can shrink its footprint by folding. But at a bulky 339 lbs, the treadmill is on the heavier side and one of the trickier to assemble — consider coughing up extra for assembly if you’re not the most handy around the house. A final feature worth calling out in a treadmill packed with them is its cushioned deck: The so-named “Runner’s Flex Cushioning” is a de-activatable (for uber-competitive runners who want a raceday feel when training) four-spring system that can reduce foot impact by up to 30%.

Best Interactive Treadmill - Peloton Tread

Peloton Tread - Best Interactive Treadmill

Deck size: 20″ width x 59″ length

Footprint: (Not foldable) 68” length x 33” width x 62” height

Weight capacity: 300 lbs

Top speed: 12.5 mph

Incline range: 0 to 12.5 percent

Motor: 3 horsepower, direct current

Built-in, preset workouts: Not included

Streaming workouts: Yes, via Peloton App subscription. $39/month

Reasons to buy:

The Tread’s monitor pairs with the companion Peloton App, with which you can live stream classes or choose from the app’s vast back catalog of coach-led runs, strength training, stretching, and more.

Machine has a small footprint, an attractive, modern design and a larger-than-average display monitor

Intuitive controls for ease of speed and incline adjustment

Reasons to skip:

The Tread’s monitor can’t swivel, nor can it display programming beyond stats and Peloton workouts

Not the most budget-friendly treadmill

Not foldable

The Peloton brand, and the Tread line in particular, has had a rocky few years. And although the Tread+ (formerly called the “Tread”) has yet to hit shelves again since its recall, the new Tread remains a terrific option. And for the Tread’s thousands of devotees, its interactive programming led by Peloton coaches — to the chagrin of some — is a huge reason for its popularity. 

The treadmill’s 23.8” touchscreen is also one of the largest, sleekest we’ve seen. There is a catch to the Tread’s fabulous screen: Unless you’re willing to potentially void your warranty by hacking your Peloton, you’re locked into only Peloton-provided content — no Netflix or the like. Of course, if interactive programming is your interest, that should be a fine tradeoff.

Best Budget Treadmill - ProForm Pro 2000

ProForm Pro 2000 - Best Budget Treadmill

Deck size: 20″ width x 60″ length

Footprint: (Not foldable) 77.3” length x 35.3” width x 59.6” height

Weight capacity: 300 pounds

Top speed: 12 mph

Incline range: -3 to 12 percent

Motor: 3.25 continuous horsepower

Built-in, preset workouts: Yes, 50 calorie/time/distance-based programs

Streaming workouts: Yes, via iFit subscription. 1st month free. $39/month

Reasons to buy:

Good price for value, with inclusion of touchscreen monitor

Broad -3-12% incline range for effective hill training

One free month of iFit is included, which provides immersive, coach-led walks, runs and hikes

Reasons to skip:

The monitor is “locked,” so you can’t use it to stream other services

ProForm 2000 upgraded its touchscreen (from 7″ to 10″), but some may still find it too small

A more powerful motor may be needed for lengthy runs

The ProForm Pro 2000 packs a lot of punch for a sub-$1,500 price point (before tax) treadmill. The two standout features for the price are the treadmill’s dynamic incline range (-3 to 12 percent) and an included 10-inch monitor. One sore point for some users is that the monitor can only be used to stream ProForm’s partner service, iFit. You can also follow 50 preloaded workouts without an iFit membership, which is $39 a month after a complimentary one month trial.

However, you may already be partial to another streaming service, like Peloton’s $12.99 a month app for non-Tread and Peloton bike owners. In that case, we’d suggest opting for a monitorless treadmill from this list, like the Echelon Stride. You could also stay within the ProForm family and try one of its more affordable, sans monitor “Carbon” bikes, like the ProForm Carbon CX.

Best Treadmill for Maximum Durability - Bowflex Treadmill 22

Bowflex Treadmill 22 - Best Treadmill for Maximum Durability (1)

Deck size: 22” width x 60” length

Footprint: (Unfolded) 85” length x 39.6” width x 70” height

Weight capacity: 400 pounds

Top speed: 12 mph

Incline range: -5 to 20 percent

Motor: 4 horsepower

Built-in, preset workouts: 16 basic workouts included

Streaming workouts: Yes, via JRNY subscription. $19.99/month

Reasons to buy:

You get a free year or the JRNY app to start, and a subsequent subscription that’s more affordable than iFit and Peloton Tread

With the JRNY app, you can still enjoy popular streaming services

Impressive -5 to 20% incline level for dynamic training

Reasons to skip:

Without a JRNY subscription, the treadmill loses a lot of value, including the ability to stream Hulu/Netflix/etc.

Even when folded, the Bowflex Treadmill 22 usurps a lot of space

The broad incline and powerful motor may be more than what most casual walkers and joggers are looking for

One can assume with its price tag (a list price of $3,599, although there are deals that bring the treadmill under $2,800) that Bowflex means business. And your assumption would be correct. Bowflex Treadmill 22, so-named for its 22-inch HD touchscreen display, is a hulking 336 pound machine. The treadmill is even foldable, which is typically a feature of lighter, less durable treadmills. Although to be honest, the treadmill isn’t terribly compact in its folded state — nonetheless, you’ll save a bit of floor space.

Bowflex is partnered with the JRNY (pronounced like “journey”) app, which like Peloton, Echelon Fit and iFit, means access to a huge back catalog of workouts. However, unlike treadmills with those companion apps though, JRNY offers a massive competitive advantage: You can also stream Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ and HBO Max through the app. We love this, as it makes the Bowflex’s fancy schmancy HD 22-inch touchscreen feel much more worth its (hefty) weight.

Best Treadmill for Runners - Sole F80

Sole F80 - Best Treadmill for Walking

Deck size: 22″ x 60″

Footprint: (Unfolded) 82.5″ length x 36″ width

Weight capacity: 375 pounds

Top speed: 12 mph

Incline range: 0 to 15 percent

Motor: 3.5 horsepower

Built-in, preset workouts: Yes, 10 included

Streaming workouts: Not included

Reasons to buy:

Lifetime warranties on the frame, motor, and deck cover all the big-money expenses of your treadmill

Cushioned deck reduces impact on the joints

Foldable, so you can save space

Reasons to skip:

There’s no video-streaming monitor included, so you’ll have to furnish your own

Assembly is a tad tricky

Not great for those on a budget who don’t need a powerful motor

The Sole F80 is a practical treadmill with the motor power to carry you through marathon training. The treadmill is powered by a 3.5 horsepower rated flywheel, made of durable steel, and coated with zinc for good measure. While the treadmill does have a large footprint, the Sole folds up to be less intrusive for those tight on space.

The Sole is also less tech-y than some of its counterparts — there’s no touchscreen monitor to stream video — but Bluetooth connectivity is on deck so you can pair your devices through the treadmill’s speakers. In lieu of a touchscreen too, there is a 9-inch LCD screen for stat tracking, and a tablet holder on the console where you can mount your own tablet or device and simultaneously charge your device with the Sole’s USB port. The treadmill is on the pricier side, but a lifetime warranty covering the motor does provide sound peace of mind for your investment.

Best Compact Treadmill for Small Spaces - Echelon Stride

Best Treadmill for Small Spaces - Echelon Stride

Deck size: 20″ width x 55″ length

Footprint: (Unfolded) 69″ length x 31″ width x 49″ height

Weight capacity: 300 pounds

Top speed: 12 mph

Incline range: o to 10 percent

Motor: 1.75 horsepower

Built-in, preset workouts: Not included

Streaming workouts: Yes, 1st month of Echelon Fit App free, then $39.99 monthly subscription

Reasons to buy:

Good price for value, with solid incline and speed range

Free month of interactive workouts included

One of the most compact treadmills when folded that you’ll find

Reasons to skip:

No monitor included for streaming Echelon Fit app

Motor may lack power for prolonged runs

Compact design means a smaller running deck

Money and square footage limitations don’t have to hinder the quality of your home treadmill. Coming in at a sleek 69.3 inches length-wise and 31 inches width-wise when unfolded, the Echelon Stride treadmill boasts compact dimensions that deliver results. And when your workout is finished, the savvy auto-folding function collapses your treadmill to a 10-inch height with just a few clicks for storage under a bed or upright against the wall.

Compactness does come with a cost, though. If you’re a hardcore runner — especially one on the taller side — your stride may be too broad for the Echelon. For those who prefer to walk though, the Echelon is an excellent fit, and offers 10% incline for upping the challenge. Other high-end features include handlebar heart rate sensors so that you can easily monitor your heart rate at any given time.  With Echelon’s fitness app, you can also stream motivating, trainer-led live and on-demand workout classes through your phone or tablet. You get one month free to start, but an Echelon Fit subscription isn’t a requirement to use your treadmill.

Best Quiet Treadmill - Horizon Fitness T101

Horizon T101

Deck size: 20″ width x 55″ length

Footprint: (Unfolded) 70″ length x 34″ width x 55″ height

Weight capacity: 300 pounds

Top speed: 10 mph

Incline range: o to 10 percent

Motor: 2.5 continuous horsepower

Built-in, preset workouts: Yes, calorie, distance, time and weight loss-based presets included

Streaming workouts: Not included

Reasons to buy:

Efficient, quiet motor

Foldable to save space

A more budget-friendly option (~$1,100)

Reasons to skip:

Not for hardcore runners, with a top speed of 10 mph

No monitor included for streaming

The deck may be too demure for those with a longer stride

The Horizon T101 doesn’t boast an uber-powerful motor, but on the flip side, the motor is very quiet. That makes the treadmill an excellent option for walkers and joggers who demand a near-noiseless machine, so that housemates or neighbors aren’t disturbed.

The Horizon’s lack of frills, like a locked tablet you have to log into before you sweat, also makes it easy to use. Just step up, select a pre-programmed workout (five included) or go rogue with manual mode, and start trotting. The T101 does have a few convenience features though: Its hydraulic folding system is a much appreciated feature for those short on space; there’s a device holder with a USB charging port nearby; and Bluetooth connectivity with the treadmill’s speakers.

Best Manual Treadmill - Assault Fitness AirRunner

Assault AirRunner - Best Manual Treadmill

Deck size: (Curved) 17.1″ width x 62.2″ length

Footprint: 69.9″ length x 32.8″ width x 64″ height

Weight capacity: 350 pounds

Top speed: N/A (It’s up to you)

Incline range: N/A (Belt is curved, however)

Motor: Motorless

Built-in, preset workouts: Not included

Streaming workouts: Not included

Reasons to buy:

No electricity is required, so your treadmill doesn’t have to live near an outlet

Durable construction

You get the feel of “road resistance” because of the heavy, user-powered belt

Reasons to skip:

May not be the most budget-friendly option (>$4,000)

Low-tech treadmill, i.e., no monitor for streaming included or Bluetooth speakers

Easy to move with included wheels, but not foldable

One of the most eccentric-looking treadmills on our list is the curved Assault Fitness AirRunner, a popular CrossFit treadmill. The treadmill is designed for running and walking. You are in total control of the speed. But thanks to the heaviness of the belt, you can really get the inertia for a fast cadence going.

Overall, it’s a straightforward machine with not a lot of other bells and whistles. The monitor is small but effective at tracking stats, and has an attractive, user-friendly format. The price of this treadmill will probably prompt you to skip if you’re not into hardcore training, but it’s a solid treadmill for serious training.

Best Folding Treadmill - Sunny Health & Fitness T7603

Sunny Health & Fitness T7603 - Best Foldable Treadmill

Deck size: 49″ length x 16″ width

Footprint: (Folded) 32.5″ length x 27″ width x 58″ height

Weight capacity: 220 pounds

Top speed: 9 mph

Incline range: 3 manually adjustable incline levels

Motor: 2.2 horsepower

Built-in, preset workouts: Yes, 9 included

Streaming workouts: Not incorporated

Reasons to buy:

Compact and foldable

Wheels for nimble storage


Reasons to skip:

Poor warranty coverage (1 year for the frame; parts for 90 days)

Low weight capacity 

Small running area

Sunny Health & Fitness T7603 is a simple treadmill marketed for its compact foldability. If you’re willing to sacrifice some comfort for space (the running deck is a demure 49-inches long), it’s an excellent, budget-friendly option.  There are three manually adjustable incline levels, transport wheels to make the treadmill nice and nimble and nine preset workouts to follow.

What to Look Out for When Seeking the Best Treadmill for You

Treadmills are a versatile bunch, and there’s a few things to factor if you want to find the treadmill best suited for your cardio needs.

Does the Treadmill Have a Monitor for Streaming Workouts?

The idea of running or cycling without a virtual trainer feels antiquated to some, so a treadmill with integrated streaming may be a must. Here’s the main persnickety thing to keep in mind treadmills with monitors: Unless you’re willing to hack the machine, you’re most likely going to be stuck with the slim range of content they allow. For example, with Peloton and NordicTrack, that means monitor access solely to their respective Peloton and iFit companion apps.

But what if you’d rather binge Netflix on your lunch break power walk? Your best bet: Save money by passing on a treadmill that comes with a locked monitor. Instead, invest in a model with a mount for your iPad like the Echelon Stride. That way, you can watch the content you like, and invest in a treadmill with features that are a higher priority for you, like durability or incline range.

Does the Treadmill Fold to Save Space?

If you’re short on space, one of the most sure-fire ways to accommodate a treadmill is to buy a folding model. Bear in mind though that some of the heavy duty models that fold, like the Bowflex Treadmill 22, still encroach on a lot of floor space. Having said that, the more compact treadmills might not feel as steady under your feet, so factor in your weight and how hard you’ll be hitting the treadmill’s deck if you’d prefer a lithe machine. And if you’re super tight on space but want a simple way to get steps in from home, you can also consider an under-the-desk treadmill.

Does the Treadmill Reach High Enough Speeds or Inclines?

Make sure you’re aware of the top speeds and inclines your treadmill can achieve. For instance, if you’re aiming for a 5-minute mile, training will be pretty ineffective if your treadmill tops out at 10 mph. Also, examine the specs of the motor for the sake of your treadmill’s longevity. A general rule of thumb is that the motor’s horsepower should reach around 2 for consistent walking, 2.5 for jogging, and 3.0 for running.