With the rise of the home gym comes a new way to workout: Mirror technology that brings the guidance and pacing of an exercise class to your home. Whether the pandemic caused you to forgo your gym membership entirely or you find yourself regularly skipping those exercise classes you signed up for, adding a new element to your home gym space can help you get in shape without getting in your car. In this NordicTrack Vault vs Mirror Comparison, we’re going through all the different components and features that each of these popular machines offer, dissecting their features to give readers a better understanding of which system is best for them. 

Each of these smart mirrors allow users to track their form while following along with a trainer to replicate that exercise class (or guided workout) experience, without actually having to fight for a spot that offers a good view of the trainer or worrying that your form is incorrect. Both the NordicTrack Vault and the Mirror offer users an easy, convenient way to stay active from the comfort of their own home, regardless of which type of exercise they prefer. So if these two devices are so similar, what are their key differences? Read on to find out. 

Price$1,999 (without equipment) or $2,999 (with equipment)$1,495 upfront + $39 monthly
Size72.65” x 24.25” x 14”54” x 22” x 1.4”
Live Workouts🅧✅ (Through Mirror)
Included Weights/Equipment🅧
On-Demand Workouts✅ (Through iFit)✅ (Through Mirror)
Heartrate Monitor Available
Built-In Speakers

What is the NordicTrack Vault?

The Vault is NordicTrack’s entrance into the world of smart home gym equipment. Known for their immersive bikes, ellipticals and treadmills, the Vault is their latest offering that’s designed to bring more variety and structure to home workouts. It’s a large mirror that also acts as a storage unit and exercise class hub. The 6-foot mirror has a large touchscreen display embedded in the center that displays options for workouts, while the trainers instruct users on the exercises. A variety of classes are available to users, who are able to follow along and watch their own form in the mirror while still keeping an eye on the instructor on-screen. While the Vault isn’t the first smart mirror on the scene, it differentiates itself by offering the option for equipment storage including dumbbells, bands and a workout mat. Users can choose to purchase their Vault fully loaded, providing them with all the necessary equipment to perform all the workouts loaded onto the Vault

Total Weight: 258 lbs

Screen: 32 inches, full HD

Connectivity: Wifi & Bluetooth

Touchscreen: Yes

Footprint: 24” x 14”, freestanding

Speakers & Music: Yes

Reasons to Buy:

Comes with equipment, easy way to start a home gym 

Has storage for equipment for a compact gym system

Uses iFit for access to hundreds of classes

Reasons to Avoid:

No personal training options

Warranty void if placed in a garage

Library is limited to pre-loaded iFit videos for Vault

How does the Vault work?

The NordicTrack Vault gives users access to a wide variety of iFit classes created specifically for the Vault. Users browse the class options via the touchscreen and select their workout for the day. Whether you’re interested in strength training, a cardio class or some yoga, the Vault comes loaded with a library featuring hundreds of classes from iFit. Users can watch their own form in the oversized mirror while the trainer performs the exercise on the screen in the middle of the display. If you opt for the Vault: Complete ($1,999), the Vault will come equipped with dumbbells (ranging from 5lbs to 30lbs), two kettlebells, six resistance bands, yoga blocks, an exercise mat and a cleaning towel. The Vault: Standalone ($1,499) comes without the exercise accessories, but still offers the inner storage space if you own equipment you’d like to store. 

Who is the Vault best for? 

For anyone who is just starting to build their home gym, or wants a home workout experience that is easy and varied enough for solid general fitness, the NordicTrack Vault is an excellent choice. The option to include equipment in your purchase takes away any of the frustration that can come from building your home gym, and the variety of classes offered by iFit gives users plenty of choices when choosing how they want to stay active. If you like guided workouts, but don’t thrive in the high-energy group fitness class environment, the Vault is the perfect middle line of instructed exercise without feeling pushed too hard. Those looking for a fun way to stay fit (or get fit) at home will likely enjoy the guidance and class variety offered by the Vault. 

Working Out With the Vault: 

Rather than coming up with their own curated collection of exercise videos, NordicTrack turned to iFit, a library full of live and on-demand workouts that meet a variety of fitness needs. From yoga and stretching to strength training and cardio, the iFit trainers are well-vetted professionals who deliver intense workouts time after time. Once users select their class type, they’re able to further specify the duration, trainer, intensity, target area, environment, continent (iFit is full of immersive workouts in gorgeous locations) and equipment used. This allows users to create their ideal workout each time. There are also training series that take place over the course of multiple weeks. These series give you a few workouts per week and gradually get more difficult, helping you improve your fitness in a structured and planned-out manner. The mirrored display on the Vault allows you to track your form as you watch the trainer perform the exercises. The mirror offers 360-degree display rotation, so you can easily adjust the layout to your space. 

Types of Classes Offered: 

  • Strength training
  • HIIT/Cardio
  • Bodyweight training
  • Bootcamp
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Core
  • Stretching/recovery
  • Family-Friendly

Additional Features: 

  • Challenges and progressive class series
  • Additional heart rate monitor available for a fee
  • Syncs with Bluetooth headphones
  • Includes 1-year free membership to iFit
  • Built-in speakers to play music during workouts

What is the Mirror Gym?

The Mirror Gym is some of the latest technology in the home gym space. The first of its kind in the “fitness mirror” industry, this interactive device is created by Lululemon to bring the experience of guided workout classes to the comfort of your home. Featuring a reflective surface with a screen underneath, the idea is that users can both watch themselves and the instructor as they work out, similar to a class in one of those all-mirror rooms where HIIT, spin and other classes are held. The Mirror has hundreds of different classes for users of all skill levels, with varying lengths, difficulty levels and exercise types. 

Total Weight: 70 lbs

Screen: 40 inches, 1080 full HD

Connectivity: WiFi, optional Bluetooth

Touchscreen: No

Footprint: None, designed for wall mount or leaning

Speakers & Music: Yes

Reasons to Buy:

Takes up practically no space 

Tons of live and on-demand classes available

No equipment needed for classes

Reasons to Avoid:

Expensive monthly membership fee

Doesn’t come with any equipment 

Need to use the app to operate the Mirror

How does the Mirror work?

The Mirror doubles as a — you guessed it — mirror and a training hub all in one. The reflective surface allows you to check your form while working out, but the screen places the trainer front and center, so you can focus on both. The device doesn’t have a touchscreen; instead, users navigate the selection of classes via the Mirror app, which also stores all sorts of information regarding your progress, including classes taken, calories burned and monitoring your weekly goals. The Mirror doesn’t come with any included equipment, like dumbbells or bands, and most of the classes are designed without the use of any equipment. If you have some weights you’d like to use, there are strength classes available. 

Who is the Mirror best for? 

The Mirror is a great workout option for anyone who enjoys the accountability and structure of a guided workout class, but has learned to love working out in their home space (or maybe finds that they aren’t always motivated to undertake the travel and strict time schedule of in-person classes). Whether you love yoga, barre, HIIT, dance, Tai Chi, strength training or cardio, Mirror has classes for all interests with tons of instructors so you can pick and choose who you want leading you. It’s the best option for bringing that in-studio workout class environment and energy into your own home. And with personal training options ($40 for a 30-minute session), the Mirror provides plenty of ways to take your fitness journey to the next level without actually leaving the house. 

Working Out With the Mirror: 

As a company, Lululemon puts a huge emphasis on all the different ways people stay active. There is no right or wrong way to exercise, as long as you’re moving your body. With the Mirror, they maintained their stance on keeping exercise interesting and varied by offering a huge expanse of class types. The classes are taught by many different instructors and are available at different levels, from beginner to expert. As you increase your strength and conditioning, you’ll be able to adapt your classes to continue challenging yourself. Once you select your class type, you can select further options to find your perfect class. Users can filter their options by muscle group focus, equipment, instructor, the intensity level and even the type of class (for example, you can select specifically a vinyasa yoga class). The classes come in different lengths (15, 20, 45 and 60 minutes), so if you only have time or energy to squeeze in a 15-minute session you can quickly pull up a class. 

Types of Classes Offered: 

  • Kickboxing 
  • Strength training
  • Cardio
  • Yoga
  • Barre
  • Dance
  • Tai Chi
  • Pre/post-natal
  • Family-friendly
  • Meditation
  • Chair
  • Pilates
  • Stretching
  • Toning
  • Competitive

Additional Features: 

  • Good speaker that has Apple Music integration
  • Built-in music mixes for decision-free background music
  • Integrated heart-rate monitor available for $50
  • Live classes 
  • Personal training sessions

Comparing the NordicTrack Vault & the Mirror

They may seem like the same product, but there are key differences between the NordicTrack Vault and the Mirror that are worth considering before choosing one over the other. We’ve covered some of the major contrasts between the two systems to give you a better idea of which one is best-suited for your needs. 


Though they both use the same display model — a mirror with a screen embedded in it — the two displays vary pretty significantly. The NordicTrack Vault employs a touchscreen for navigation, allowing users to browse and select their class through the device itself. Some users have reported annoyance with the fact that this leads to smudging on the glass, but the Vault does come with a complimentary cleaning cloth to help you keep it crystal clear. The Vault screen also has the ability to rotate 360 degrees, so regardless of where in the room you set it up (and once you set it up, you won’t want to move it, it’s seriously heavy), you can rotate the screen for easy viewing of the instructor and yourself. 

The Mirror can be wall-mounted or leaned against the wall, though Lululemon strongly suggests mounting it for the best results (and likely to prevent any damage that might occur if it gets knocked over). Users navigate the classes, their own stats and other information via the Mirror app. The screen itself is just that — a screen. If you want to start a class, check out your previous workouts or take a look at your progress, you’ll have to do so through the app. Users have reported that the app is easy to use and convenient. 

Types of Workouts

Another key variance between the NordicTrack Vault and the Mirror are the types of workouts offered. While both have a large library of workout videos ranging from strength training to yoga and stretching, the target audience between the two platforms is a bit different. Because the NordicTrack Vault comes equipped with dumbbells, kettlebells and resistance bands, this machine is more geared towards workouts that employ the use of weights and some light equipment. It still offers the other types of classes that don’t require the use of any equipment, but a lot of them do include the use of some equipment that will add a level of resistance to the exercises and build strength. 

The Mirror offers a wider range of workout types, most of which don’t use any equipment. While it does include strength training as an option, most of the classes are bodyweight only and have more of a cardio and toning focus rather than a strength building focus. Those who prefer high-energy cardio classes, such as HIIT, dance or kickboxing, or more slower paced toning options, such as Tai Chi, barre or pilates, will prefer the Mirror’s array of options.

Classes offeredVaultMirror
Strength Training
Tai Chi🅧


Regardless of which machine you opt for, you’re going to be paying quite a bit to add a new dimension to your home workouts. If you choose the NordicTrack Vault, you have two choices: Vault: Standalone (no equipment) costs $1,499 up-front, plus $39 monthly for an iFit membership ($468 annually), which is required to use the machine. You can also opt for the Vault: Standalone with a year of iFit included, which costs $1,895 up front, then $396 for subsequent years. The Vault: Complete (with equipment) is either $1,999 plus $39 monthly, or $2,395 plus $396 annually. 

The Mirror starts at $1,495, plus a $39 monthly subscription fee for classes. Mirror is offering packages that include weights, the heart rate monitor, a yoga block and mat, workout towel and yoga block, which is available for $1,745 (plus the monthly membership fee). Or you can opt for the Family package ($2,045), which includes two of everything so you and a partner can both use the Mirror, either together or separately.

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