Does the Keeper password manager do enough to keep your business?

TLDR: Keeper makes password management easy for businesses, but the higher costs for standard features keeps us from recommending it for personal users.

Keeper Pros and Cons



  Simple, stylish interfaces

❌ Expensive for features included

  Good reputation

❌ No monthly plan options

  Great business options

❌ Extra cost for file storage and dark web alerts

Keeper has an amazing reputation among password managers due to its flexibility, polished features and solid customer service.

We tested Keeper and compiled all the information you need in order to decide if Keeper is the right password manager for you. 

In This Review:

    Keeper Specs

    • Business started: 2009
    • (AES)-256 encryption: Yes
    • Multifactor authentication: Yes
    • Access to stored data after cancellation: No
    • Annual reports/audits: Yes
    • Unlimited passwords: Yes
    • Dark web alerts: Yes (costs extra)
    • Storage: 10 – 100 gigabyte (GB) encrypted data

    Keeper Background

    Keeper, released in 2009, now has more than 220 employees and offices in Chicago, California and Ireland. It serves more than a million users and numerous businesses worldwide.

    Keeper Pricing

    When it comes to cost, Keeper offers several options for its pricing plans for individuals, families and businesses. Two major downsides with Keeper include its lack of a free version and lack of a monthly payment option. First-time users will be able to take advantage of a 30-day free trial of Keeper.

    Keeper differs from a few other password managers by offering a range of add-ons that can be added to your shopping cart before you check out. We’ll discuss these add-ons separately from the plan price. Finally, you can sign up for three years and save 30%.

    Keeper Costs: Personal and Business Plans

    Individual Unlimited

    Individual Unlimited Plus Bundle


    Family Plus Bundle




    Annual Pricing



    (first year)



    (first year)

    50% discount

    $45 per user

    Custom quote

    Keeper Personal Pricing Plans

    Keeper offers Individual and Family plans. Customers who want dark web monitoring and/or encrypted storage will need to choose one of the bundled plans or add those features separately.  Students may qualify for a 50% discount at Student Beans

    Keeper Unlimited ($34.99/year)

    • Unlimited devices
    • Unlimited passwords
    • Emergency access
    • Secure record sharing
    • 24/7 support
    • Two-factor authentication (Face ID and fingerprint)

    With its lack of a free plan, Keeper’s Unlimited pricing plan is the company’s bread and butter. It’s a little light on features for the price, but what it does offer is helpful and a delight to use.

    Keeper calls its passwords “records,” so when it mentions “secure record sharing,” it means you’re able to securely share log-in information with anyone. Records were difficult to figure out in the web vault, but sharing on the mobile app was a breeze.

    Other pluses include Face ID, which works great, and the fact that emergency access can be shared with up to five people. Keeper’s 24/7 support is also impressive. Even better news is that you can easily see all of your recent activity for your account, including IP addresses and the time of every login.

    What we like: Keeper doesn’t brag about it, but its Unlimited plan includes a clean security audit score that shows the strength of your passwords. This allows you to easily find and change your repetitive or weak passwords, which will increase your score.

    What we don’t like: At $34.99 a year, it’s a shame secure file storage and dark web monitoring via BreachWatch are not included. Compare this to competitors like LastPass, which offer both features for just a dollar more a year, and Keeper comes up short.

    Keeper Family ($74.99/year)

    • 5 Unlimited accounts
    • Includes 10GB secure file storage

    While Keeper’s is not the most expensive password manager family plan, it certainly costs more than others. Also, to be considered is the fact that you’re only getting five accounts to share with family instead of six accounts like Bitwarden offers. The Family plan does come with 10GB of secure file storage to share, but you’ll still have to add on BreachWatch for dark web alerts if you want it.

    Individual and Family Add-Ons

    In addition to the plans above, you can add customizable features to your plan and pay separately for them. You can manually select BreachWatch dark web defense or add on additional secure file storage up to 100GB.

    Keeper Individual and Family Add-Ons


    Individual Price

    Family Price




    10GB Secure File Storage


    Included with Family Plan

    50GB Secure File Storage



    100GB Secure File Storage



    Keeper provides Keeper Concierge, which is one-on-one customer support and training. Keeper’s dedicated support team can help you install Keeper, understand best practices to keep you safe online, and will always be available with 24/7 support. These perks do come at a price, however, with Keeper Concierge costing $99.99/year.

    Keeper Unlimited Plus Bundle ($58.47/year) 

    • 10GB of secure file storage and sharing
    • Dark web monitoring through BreachWatch

    With the Keeper Unlimited Plus Bundle, you can bundle an Unlimited plan with 10GB of secure file storage and sharing, as well as BreachWatch dark web monitoring. Choosing to bundle also gets you a 10% discount off your first year, which makes the price $58.47. 

    It’s important to note this bundle discount disappears if you sign up for two or three years at a time. Overall, an additional $23.48 per year for two additional features is pricey, but the 10GB of file storage is a nice perk to have, even if it’s not necessary for everyone.

    Keeper Family Plus Bundle ($103.48/year)

    • 10GB of secure file storage and sharing
    • Dark web monitoring through BreachWatch

    You can receive a 10% discount if you bundle BreachWatch through the Keeper Family Plus Bundle plan. That means you’ll spend $103.48 per year instead of $114.98. Just like the Unlimited Plus Bundle, this discount isn’t available if you sign up for a two or three-year plan.

    Keeper Pricing for Companies

    Keeper provides two options for businesses: Keeper Business and Keeper Enterprise. 

    Keeper Business ($45/user/year)

    Keeper’s robust Business plan offers all the features you’d expect for unlimited employees. You can manage your team’s access, build reports, share folders and implement and enforce password and privacy policies for your whole company. You’ll also have basic two-factor authentication through texts, Time-Based One Time Password (TOTP), FIDO U2F (Universal 2-Factor) and even smartwatch authentication.

    At $45 per user per year, Keeper Business is one of the least expensive password managers we’ve seen for businesses.

    Keeper Enterprise (custom quote)

    We can’t compare Keeper Enterprise to other password managers based on price because Keeper offers custom quotes based on each company’s needs. We can, however, say that Keeper Enterprise is one of the most comprehensive password managers for businesses. 

    You’ll get Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication, advanced two-factor authentication, syncing for active directories and LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol), as well as tons of custom provisioning and developer application programming interfaces (APIs). 

    Keeper Enterprise provides incredible flexibility and insight into the privacy of your business. We recommend requesting a demo or asking for a custom quote from Keeper.

    Business and Enterprise Add-Ons 

    Like the Individual and Family plans, you can add secure file sharing storage and BreachWatch dark web monitoring to your Business or Enterprise plan. Keeper also provides KeeperChat for businesses, which offers secure messaging throughout your business. KeeperChat is free for all personal users.

    Keeper Business and Enterprise Add-Ons


    Annual Cost

    100GB Secure File Sharing


    1TB Secure File Sharing


    10TB Secure File Sharing



    $20 per user


    $20 per user

    Advanced Reporting and Alerts Module

    $10 per user

    Which Keeper Pricing Plan is Right for You?

    With Keeper, the question comes down to what types of features you want. If you want dark web monitoring for your accounts, it’s a better deal to bundle BreachWatch and 10GB of secure file storage with the Keeper Unlimited Plus Bundle. If you only want secure file storage, you can save more by adding 10GB of storage to your Keeper Unlimited plan. Ten gigabytes are enough storage for most people.

    For Keeper Family, it’s a better deal to go for the Keeper Family Plus Bundle if you want dark web monitoring. Otherwise, select Keeper Family, especially since 10GB of storage is included.

    How to Set Up Keeper

    We tested Keeper Unlimited password manager and digital vault using Safari, Chrome and the mobile app on iOS. 

    Step 1: Sign Up

    You’ll need your email address to sign up for a free 30-day trial of Keeper Unlimited. After that, you’ll create your Keeper account by creating a Master Password and accepting Keeper’s Terms of Use. 

    Step 2: Add Passwords

    We really like Keeper’s digital web vault due to its simple layout and how easy it is to add new passwords. At a glance, you can see all the records in your vault or filter into favorite or shared folders. Your personal information, credit cards and security audit are stored in a separate pane of the app. The security audit shows the total strength of your passwords and detects which passwords are weak or have been reused.

    The mobile app is the best password manager app we’ve seen. We expect it to be a fan favorite due to its presentation and level of customization for visual themes. The app is a little more cluttered than the web vault, but overall, the layout works the same way and it’s easier to jump into settings and additional options.

    Step 3: Explore Other Tools

    Once you’re in the vault, you can upgrade any add-ons you want by using the menu bar at the top. KeeperChat, BreachWatch, secure file storage, and the Family and Business plans are all at your fingertips (for an additional cost).

    Setting up autofill via browser extensions and biometric authentication, like Face ID, are easy and work great. You’ll also find that it’s simple to set up emergency access for five or less Keeper users. You can download Keeper apps, browser extensions and import and export all your passwords from settings.

    Though Keeper’s price is high for the features it offers, the total package and presentation are top-quality, especially compared to other password managers.

    Keeper Security Features

    • Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)-256
    • Password-Based Key Derivation Function 2 (PBKDF2) 
    • “Zero-knowledge” master password and key at device level
    • Multifactor authentication (including smartwatch support through Keeper DNA)
    • Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140-2 encryption modules 

    Keeper’s security features check all the boxes for a password manager. Keeper doesn’t store your master password or encryption key on its servers or cloud. The master password will only live on your device. That way, if Keeper’s server is ever hacked, your master password won’t be exposed. 

    You’ll also have government and military-standard encryption with AES-256 and PBKDF2 protection. This is great news, as this level of protection is virtually impossible to crack.

    We like the extra step Keeper takes with its multifactor authentication. Keeper also performs well with fingerprint ID, Face ID and smartwatch integration through Keeper DNA for easy usage and sign on. 

    Finally, Keeper uses Amazon AWS for its cloud hosting, which provides isolated data in transit and at rest, and there’s also an offline access feature for your vault. Read more about Keeper’s security standards.

    While Keeper has not been hacked or breached since the business started in 2009, the company did have a vulnerability exposed in its browser plugin both in 2016 and 2017. The company has not had any issues since then. Much of this may be due to the fact that Keeper started Bugcrowd, its bug bounty program, as a result to address these vulnerabilities.

    Keeper Accessibility

    Keeper has native desktop apps for Mac, Windows and Linux. You can also get mobile apps for iOS and Android, as well as browser extensions that are supported on:

    • Chrome
    • Edge
    • Firefox
    • Internet Explorer
    • Opera
    • Safari

    Keeper Customer Service

    Keeper delivers a wealth of online resources, user guides and tutorial videos to help familiarize you with Keeper. When it comes to its 24/7 customer service, you can send an email or directly call customer support. Plus, you can send a message through Keeper’s support page or use the chatbot named Sherlock on the company’s website in order to quickly reach a support person. 

     While the fact that Keeper doesn’t have dedicated community forums where users can ask questions or post comments may cause the company to lose points with some users, it’s clear that Keeper does care, it just prefers to help customers through live chat and video tutorials. 

    Keeper Reputation

    Despite the lack of an online community, Keeper has a fantastic reputation among its customer base. Trustpilot displays almost 2,700 Keeper reviews and ranks Keeper at 4.6 out of 5 stars. The company also has an “Excellent” overall rating. Positive reviews make up 94% of ratings and comments include how easy Keeper is to use on the app and to create shared folders. Negative reviews are only 3% of the total rating, with most mentioning mobile app bugs and unhelpful customer service.

    Keeper Review: Is it Worth the Cost?

    Keeper does everything right, but it doesn’t do anything special. That typically wouldn’t be a problem if Keeper’s price wasn’t almost the same as most other password managers. Keeper’s additional costs for secure file storage, dark web monitoring through BreachWatch and lack of monthly pricing options keep it from being worth the cost to personal users in our expert opinion.

    Thousands of customers, however, swear by Keeper. That’s mainly because of how easy it is to set up, access information, update data, sync across devices and autofill browsers. Keeper makes it easy for anyone to start using password management, even if it comes at a higher price.

    We do recommend Keeper for business owners, as it offers all the business features you could want and does so at a lower price for more users. If you don’t own a business and just want an Individual or Family password manager plan, we think you could do better looking elsewhere.

    Prices are accurate at time of publication.