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Bed frames act as the foundation of a mattress. A good bed frame can enhance a bed’s durability, protect a room’s floor and contribute to the broader beauty of a room’s aesthetic. Without an adequate bed frame, your mattress may slide and squeak, and whether you’re resting or having intimate bedroom time with your partner, the last thing you want is a creaky bed frame. In addition, bed frames elevate you from the ground, offering additional storage space or delivering a more luxurious feeling when you get in and out of bed. 

Bed frames are also the most decorative element of a bed, especially when incorporating them into your desired bedroom’s look. A sleek and sturdy bed frame is far more important than many consider, and with so many options available today, we want to take a moment and review some bed frames to help you find the best bed frame of 2023 for your home. Here, we hope to help you make that perfect choice for a supported bed and beautiful bedroom. 

Our Picks for The Best Bed Frames

Best Platform Bed Frame - Zinus Suzanne Platform Bed with Headboard

Zinus Suzanne Platform Bed with Headboard

Bed Frame Type: Wood, Bamboo, Steel

Weight Capacity: 700 Pounds

Color Options: Chestnut Brown, Gray Wash

Available Sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, King


Headboard included

Creak-proof design


Unavailable in California king or split king

The Zinus Suzanne Platform Bed Frame and headboard is the top of the line for those looking for a sturdy and luxurious bed frame. Suzanne’s construction consists of natural, sustainable bamboo, wooden slats and a sturdy steel frame. The Suzanne is available in a chestnut brown or gray wash finish and acts as a beautiful addition to any bedroom. No box spring is necessary due to the bed frame’s supportive wooden slat design. Furthermore, the bed frame’s durable steel foundation can support upwards of 350 pounds on its twin model and up to 700 pounds on all other models. The bed frame’s steel foundation ensures a stable and stationary bed, preventing the mattress from creaking or moving in response to the sleeper’s movements. The Suzanne is also delivered with all parts and tools required to get it up quickly and easily, plus an included 5-year warranty. 

The fusion of rustic bamboo and modern steel gives the frame an aesthetic that feels sturdy yet soothing to sleep on. In addition, the Suzanne is highly affordable compared to similar luxury-style bed frames, especially considering it includes a headboard. Overall, the quality of Suzanne’s construction, impressive price and beautiful design have us deeming the Suzanne our favorite platform bed frame. 

Best Metal Bed Frame - Zinus Michelle Compack 9-Leg Support Bed Frame

Bed Frame Type: Steel

Weight Capacity: 1,200 pounds

Color Options: Black

Available Sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, King, Cali King


Steel-based durability

Headboard compatible


Expert assembly comes at a hefty price

Sturdy, simple and affordable are a combination of features many may be skeptical about finding. The Zinus Compact Metal Adjustable Bed Frame is a nine-legged simple yet strong foundation for your bed. Available on Amazon for under $70 for a queen and including brackets for a headboard, make this frame a great buy to get heavy-duty support despite a low price tag. 

The low-profile bed frame is made with durable steel, which provides safe and robust support for your mattress and box spring. Notably, Zinus claims this frame is strong enough to support 1,200 pounds! Except for its twin model, all other models come with nine legs, and their Twin/Full/Queen and Full/Queen/King adjustable beds allow you to keep this bed frame if you level up your mattress size. Whether you have children or have many memories of stubbing your toe on a bed frame, this model has recessed legs for safety. All tools, materials and instructions are included in the bed frame’s delivery, and reportedly, setting up takes only 30 minutes. If you are on a budget yet want a durable bed frame that is versatile enough to be built out or support another bed when your abilities make it possible, this Zinus Compact metal bed frame is a great choice!

Best Under-Bed Storage Bed Frame - DHP Cambridge Gas Lift Upholstered Platform Bed with Storage Compartment

DHP Cambridge Gas Lift Upholstered Platform Bed with Storage Compartment

Bed Frame Type: Fabric, Faux Leather, Metal, Wood

Weight Capacity: 600 pounds

Color Options: Black, Gray Velvet, Gray Linen

Available Sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, King


Elegant look

It adds a great deal of space to any bedroom


Assembly may be a little complicated

Beds can take up a lot of floor space in a room. The DHP Cambridge helps you to add an entire storage area to your room. Only you can notice. The DHP Cambridge is a bedframe, headboard and footboard set that uses a gas lift mechanism to allow you to lift your bed upwards easily. Underneath your bed is a storage space spanning the entirety of the bed, surrounded by a beautiful faux leather, velvet or linen of your choice. While many throw things under their beds, the DHP Cambridge allows for the same organized, clean and luxurious storage as high-end closet spaces while simultaneously maximizing your bedroom’s space. 

The headboard and storage footboard’s exterior of faux black leather, gray linen or gray velvet supports the frame’s ultra-elegant appeal. Wooden slats are included in the bed frame’s design, making a box spring unnecessary. And depending on the size you need, the DHP Cambridge is capable of supporting between 450 and 600 pounds. The DHP Cambridge brings a unique combination of luxurious camouflage to the new storage space it offers in your life. While also contributing to the beauty of your overall bedroom. This creative and versatile bed frame is a go-to for people seeking a bed that helps them get the most out of their bedroom’s space without taking away from the bedroom’s beauty.

Best Wood Bed Frame - Thuma The Bed

Thuma The Bed

Bed Frame Type: Wood

Weight Capacity: 1,500 pounds

Color Options: Walnut, Natural, Espresso

Available Sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, King, Cali King


Provides excellent support for heavier sleepers



A bit pricey for consumers on a budget

Expert craftsmanship, an eco-friendly approach and a rustic yet minimalist design is the best way we could describe the Thuma Bed Frame. The Thuma is a recycled rubberwood platform bed frame that uses an ancient technique known as Japanese Joinery. This Joinery technique means that the frame’s wooden components are cut to be assembled without screws, with each piece of the frame perfectly fitting into the other. Thuma’s Joinery also makes this bed frame easy for you to assemble upon its delivery, requiring no extra tools.

The frame’s joinery technique behind its design creates a precise symmetry calculated to ensure that the bed maintains a sturdy structure that supports the sleeper while remaining naturally silent and still. The bed frame’s wooden foundation has a smooth cut that helps prevent jagged edges or pain if you accidentally bump your foot or leg. In addition, Thurma uses locked-into-place slats underneath your mattress that help reinforce support while promoting breathability. 

Thuma’s The Bed comes with a pillowboard (upholstered headboard) made of eco-friendly foam and a linen cover that is plush, cozy and pillow-like. You can also order a solid wood headboard that is quite elegant for an additional price. 

For the conscious consumer, the Thuma is a go-to. Thuma plants one tree with every purchase of their product and is GREENGUARD Gold Certified. In conclusion, the Thuma is an incredibly well-constructed wooden bed frame that acts as a piece of furniture on its own, making it an excellent contribution to any bedroom’s interior design.

Best Affordable Bed Frame - Mellow Classic Naturalista 12"

Mellow Classic Naturalista 12

Bed Frame Type: Wood

Weight Capacity: 400 pounds

Color Options: Cherry, Espresso, Pine

Available Sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, King


100% wooden platform

No box spring is necessary


Limited weight capacity

Despite prices rising on everything, the Mellow Classic Naturalista offers a sturdy bed frame with a luxurious look at a surprisingly affordable rate. 

The Naturalista offers a rustic yet minimal Mid-Century Modern look to your bedroom’s decor. Wooden slats provide support for a mattress, making a box spring unnecessary. The slats also offer airflow and stability while including a non-slip tape that prevents your bed from sliding or moving at night. 

Assembly is reportedly relatively easy and requires no additional tools. This bed frame elevates you 12 inches from the ground and is made of completely solid wood, something quite surprising for its impressively low price tag. While resembling more luxury bed frames, the Classica Naturalista by Mellow still comes in at under $200 on Amazon for a queen-size bed frame. Such a price for a beautiful all-wood platform may make some skeptical about its stability. However, Mellow offers a generous five-year warranty that should comfort those concerned about any negative surprises. 

With a high-quality build, luxury look and solid components at a bargain price, we deem the Mellow Classica Naturalista our favorite affordable bed frame. 


Best Adjustable Bed Frame - Puffy Adjustable Base

Puffy Adjustable Base

Bed Frame Type: Steel

Weight Capacity: 700 pounds

Color Options: Charcoal 

Available Sizes: Twin XL, Full, Queen, Split King



Lifetime warranty


Universal for only Puffy mattresses

An adjustable bed frame offers more versatility in a bed. The Puffy Adjustable Bed Base is a state-of-the-art adjustable upholstery bed base and steel frame with many impressive features. 

The Puffy Adjustable Bed Base is suitable for all types of Puffy mattresses. In addition, it includes a universal headboard mount that allows you to customize your bed frame whenever you want and however you’d like to further contribute to your bedroom’s look as you please. 

The Puffy Bed Base is controlled via wireless remotes. With the click of a button, you can achieve the perfect zero-gravity position for a pressure-relieving rest after a long day. The whole bed base is wirelessly controlled. This Puffy bed base and platform also has two three-speed massage motors built into the lower and upper part of the base for ample relaxation. If this wasn’t enough tech, the bed has USB ports built into each side, with an LED lighting system under the bed. 

Also perfect for couples, Puffy’s bed base is compatible with a split king mattress, with each side of the bed base able to be adjusted to each sleeper’s needs. 

This adjustable bed base is easy to set up, plus Puffy promises two to five business days for delivery, a 101-night trial and an impressive lifetime warranty. 

Best King Size Bed Frame - Casper Repose

Casper Repose

Bed Frame Type: Wood

Weight Capacity: 750 pounds

Color Options: Natural Oak, Dark Oak

Available Sizes: Full, Queen, King


No box spring required

Smooth-cut wooden legs may prevent nighttime injuries


White Glove delivery is mandatory and comes with a fee

A king-size bed requires a lot of space. Therefore we should try and accommodate it with the perfect platform. The Casper Repose Bed Frame offers a simple and sleek foundation for your king-size mattress. Its slatted base offers your mattress an even and supported foundation, requiring no box spring. The bed frame’s solid oak wooden foundation uses sustainably sourced wood. The platform’s legs are cut with smooth and child-friendly edges, giving the bed a more inviting and pleasant feel. Furthermore, the foundation’s smooth woodcut may be easier on your feet or shins if you bump into them at night.  

A pillowboard or headboard comes at an additional fee. Delivery also comes at an additional cost. However, this fee covers a White Glove delivery (they will deliver the frame to your home and assemble it for you). Sourced with luxury materials, we expect the Casper Repose to last, but if you’re concerned, this platform includes a two-year warranty just in case. 

This 12-inch high Casper bed frame accommodates a king-size mattress quite well, offering even and sturdy support while complimenting any bedroom’s look.

How Mattress Advisor Found the Best Bed Frames

Mattress Advisor uses in-depth testing and research to determine the best bed frames. Mattress Advisor is known for testing sleeping products without bias. Their sleep specialists consult sleeper experiences and conduct various bed frame reviews to help consumers access high-quality and impartial information to help them make the best choice based on their home and sleeping needs.

What To Consider When Picking A New Bed Frame 

Size: Size is your first consideration when seeking the right bed frame. A bed frame must precisely fit your mattress’s full size, so making sure a platform is compatible with your bed, whether a king or twin, is critical. Also important when considering a bed frame’s size is its delivery. Bed frames can be cumbersome and may require a hefty delivery fee or require additional help when setting up. So before purchasing your bed frame, make sure to consult its delivery policy.

Support: A bed frame’s primary purpose is to provide a sturdy and stable foundation for your bed. For example, if you move a lot in your sleep or want quality intimate time with your partner without scratching the floor or waking the kids, you want to ensure your bed frame is built to stay still and quiet. Bed frames with quality materials and a sound build may be a bit pricier but usually serve these purposes quite well. Also important to consider is if a bed frame offers slats. Otherwise, you will need to get a box spring.

Weight Capacity: Weight capacity is relatively self-explanatory. When purchasing a  bed frame, you should ensure that the bed frame can sufficiently support your or your partner’s weight. A bed’s weight capacity is undoubtedly important if you are a heavier sleeper or a couple. Usually, bed frames will advertise their weight capacity, and it is definitely something to consult before purchasing one.

Assembly Needs: Most bed frames offer accessible instructions and easy assembly. You should ensure you won’t need additional tools when putting together your bed frame. You should also consider a bed frame’s weight and if you or the members of your household will be able to move the frame from its delivery point to your bedroom. Many bed frame companies offer White Glove delivery for free or with a fee. Before purchasing your bed frame, make sure you are prepared to get it where it needs to be, whether by asking friends to help or ordering White Glove delivery.

Style: Bed frames act as decorative pieces of furniture in some cases. Beyond the support bed frames offer, bed frames can radically affect a bedroom’s aesthetics. When choosing a bed frame, you should consider if it meets your desired bedroom’s look or home decor.

Additional Features: Bed frames can offer secret storage drawers and compartments, universal headboard brackets, adjustability for your mattress and even USB ports. Bed frames can be simple or high-tech. When choosing a bed frame, realize you have many options, and ensure you’re getting everything you want from your bed frame for the best price. 

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