The Best Memorial Day Mattress Sales of 2022

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Improving your quality of sleep can seem like an impossibility, but investing in a new mattress is a great way to sleep more soundly at night. Memorial Day heralds the beginning of summer — and thinking about days in the sun, evening barbecues and time with friends and family. What we don’t usually think of are Memorial Day mattress sales, but now is actually a great time to snag a new bed. Many mattress retailers offer huge discounts at checkout during Memorial Day Weekend (and in the days leading up to it), so you can make a high-quality mattress purchase at a bargain price and start sleeping better. Kick off your summer and treat yourself to more restful sleep, so you can feel refreshed and ready to tackle all those summer activities. 

Our Picks for Best Memorial Day Mattress Sales


Best Luxury Mattress - DreamCloud Premier

Best Luxury Mattress

  • Price: $1,599 $1,399 
  • Sale: $200 off + $499 of sleep accessories

Luxury doesn’t always have to mean expensive, and the DreamCloud Premier mattress is a great example of affordable luxury. This hybrid mattress uses six layers of foams and coils in its construction, resulting in a surface that’s both pressure-relieving and supportive, suitable for all sleep positions and body types. Couples and those with joint or back pain will enjoy the memory foam layers of the DreamCloud that isolate motion and mold around the body’s pain points, gently cradling areas like the hips and shoulders. Back and stomach sleepers should find the micro-coil layer provides ample support, keeping the spine in healthy alignment as they sleep. As part of their Memorial Day mattress deals, DreamCloud is offering $200 off mattresses and $499 worth of sleep accessories, including a mattress protector, a sheet set and premium pillows at checkout.

Best Mattress for Back Pain - Saatva Classic

Best Mattress for Back Pain

  • Price: $1695 $1,495
  • Sale: Up to $450 off

Back pain can be exacerbated by poor posture, and that includes while you sleep. The Saatva Classic mattress is our recommendation for back pain due to its superb spinal alignment, earning a perfect score from our mattress review testers in the lab. Maintaining a neutral position during sleep can help the back recover and reduce pain and tension, helping those with back pain sleep more comfortably and wake up feeling more refreshed. The construction of the Saatva Classic hybrid mattress (meaning it uses both foam and innerspring mattress coils) encourages airflow, keeping you cool as you sleep. Two layers of coils lend stability and support to the mattress, earning it top marks in edge support and durability, which is backed up by a lifetime warranty from the company. A high-density memory foam layer allows the body to sink into the bed just enough for optimal comfort and pressure relief, and a luxurious Euro pillow-top gives the whole thing a cushy, comfortable feel. Saatva is offering up to $450 off mattresses during their Memorial Day mattress sales event. 

Best Value Mattress - Nectar Original

Best Value Mattress

  • Price: $899 $799
  • Sale: $100 off + $499 in free sleep accessories 

On the search for a comfortable mattress at a surprisingly affordable price? Look no further than the Nectar Original mattress, a memory foam mattress available at a fraction of the price as its competitors. The all-foam construction prevents motion transfer, so couples with a restless partner or light sleeper can sleep through the night, even if someone is tossing and turning on the other side of the bed. This memory foam mattress does a great job of contouring to the body, allowing pressure points to relax into the mattress to reduce achy joints and sore spots the next morning. Back, side and stomach sleepers should find the Nectar memory foam mattress comfortable, its medium-firm feel delivers good support to the midsection while being soft enough to give side sleepers the pressure relief they require. And if you decide it’s not the right mattress for you, Nectar gives customers a full year risk-free sleep trial, so you can easily exchange it or return it to find a better fit. Nectar is taking $100 off their mattresses and including $499 worth of sleep accessories during their Memorial Day mattress sale, so you can receive an entirely new bedding set at an awesome price. 

Best Mattress for Side Sleepers - Helix Midnight

Best Mattress for Side Sleepers

  • Price: $1,199 $1,099 
  • Sale: Up to $400 off + free pillows

A firm mattress and side sleepers are like oil and water, they just don’t mix well. The Helix Midnight is our pick for side sleepers because it has a medium firmness that allows sleepers’ hips and shoulders to sink into the mattress while still supporting the knees, midsection and neck. This mattress received high scores in spine alignment from testers, keeping the back in a healthy posture even if you sleep on your side. Solid edge support allows sleepers to rest on all edges, so couples and those sharing beds with pets can spread out if necessary without compromising comfort. A breathable cover and layer of innerspring mattress coils allow air to circulate throughout the mattress, ensuring sleepers won’t overheat during the night. During their Memorial Day sale, Helix is giving customers up to $400 their mattress purchases and adding free pillows to every order. 

Best for Pressure Relief - Nolah Signature

Best for Pressure Relief

  • Price: $1,599 $1,299 
  • Sale: Up to $700 off + free pillows

People who struggle with joint, shoulder or hip pain need a bed that helps relieve the tension and provides pressure relief, and the Nolah Signature is one of the best mattresses for this. Nolah’s proprietary AirFoam is cushioning, supportive and bouncy, giving pain points ample contouring without leaving sleepers feeling trapped in the bed. The AirFoam is more breathable than traditional memory foam, helping to improve airflow and prevent heat trapping. A medium-soft firmness makes it suitable for all sleep positions, but particularly side sleepers who crave a sleep surface that is both cushy and supportive. Nolah is offering free pillows and up to $700 off this Memorial Day. 

Best Organic Mattress - WinkBeds EcoCloud

Best Organic Mattress

Eco-conscious shoppers, those who suffer from allergies and anyone interested in a latex hybrid  mattress will love the WinkBeds EcoCloud mattress. This medium firm mattress is crafted with all natural materials, with organic latex, New Zealand wool and organic cotton forming the comfort layers that sit atop zoned pocketed coils. The high-quality materials and construction earned this bed a perfect score in durability testing, and a lifetime warranty from WinkBeds ensures this bed is built to last. The combination of bouncy latex and innersprings makes this bed especially responsive, which is ideal for combination sleepers who shift often while they sleep, and for adult activities. The organic latex and natural wool comfort layer provides sleepers with ample pressure relief, while the coils and zoned latex placement keeps the spine in alignment. Zoning means certain areas of the bed that support more weight are firmer and more supportive (such as the middle) while other areas are softer (like the edges) to keep the body properly aligned and comfortable. WinkBeds is offering customers $300 off mattresses during their Memorial Day mattress sales event, so you can get an awesome new bed in a box at a great price. 

Best Hybrid Mattress - Bear Elite Hybrid

Best Hybrid Mattress

  • Price: $2,111 $1,478
  • Sale: 30% off + free accessories

We love hybrid mattresses for their versatility, the use of both coils and foam layers create sleep surfaces that are both contouring and supportive in all the right places. The Bear Elite Hybrid is a superbly comfortable hybrid mattress, with zoned comfort foam for proper support and pressure relief where you need it most and encased coils for excellent responsiveness. A cooling, quilted cover enhances breathability and adds another element of comfort to the mattress. The Bear Elite Hybrid mattress is available in three firmness levels, allowing sleepers to customize their bed for the best night’s sleep possible. Not only does this Bear mattress use eco-friendly materials, but they back each mattress up with a lifetime warranty, proving that their beds are built to last. Bear is offering 30% off all mattresses and including free pillows in every order during their holiday weekend sale.