After Watching This Video, You Will Like to Be an Astronaut Too

I've never seen anything like this: The Earth captured in time lapse by an astronaut at the International Space Station, cruising at 17,239 miles per hour—that's 7.7 kilometers per second, or 4.7 miles per second.


The time lapse video was taken by NASA astronaut and Oregon State University alum Don Pettit, while he was at the ISS. Here are some his other awesome videos:

[Oregon State UniversityThanks Rebecca!]

The amazing song is Utopia, from Goldfrapp's album Felt Mountain. Get it here. And while you are at it, get the entire Supernature, Black Cherry, Seventh Tree and Head First.


If only it was cheap enough for everyone to take a mandatory trip into orbit.

Things would really change for the better on a social, political and ecological level.