Afternoon Delight: The Best of Gizmodo

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Microsoft Ultimate Wireless 7000 Keyboard Hands-On
Sprint WiMax: 2-4Mbps, $55/month, Open Access? Yes, Please.
Philips Readying its First LED-based 1080p Display
Hitachi W51H Cellphone's Hi-Rez Screen Kicks iPhone Arse
Nokia N800 Reviewed, Best Internet Tablet Out There


Comment of the Day: A Perfect Evening: 200 Inches, a PS3 and Thee

"A $1200 HDMI cable? So...he's retarded? $20 says my $20 HDMI cable will carry the 1s and 0s just as well. When will people learn that, when it comes to digital cables, they either work or they don't! Ah, but such is life in the Monster Cable world."—RogueSophist