Afternoon Delight: The Best of Gizmodo

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The Tesla roadster better watch out because it's got some cheeper cheaper competition out there, the Silence PT2. It's A three wheeler electric car/motorcycle that goes 125mph.


And when you're going 125mph, you'd better have the Passport 9500i radar detector. Not only will it alert you to potential speed traps, but it remembers them with built in GPS.


Now if you're wondering why you're still on the fence about movie downloads,

we've got 10 reasons why they suck. Reason number 1, Pric...

We know we've seen this Samsung F700 touch screen phone somewhere before, it just looks so familiar.


And if you feel like you're being screwed ever since game system started using their own proprietary video out ports. Look no further then the Pelican Air Flo 360. Not only does it attempt to cool off your Xbox, but it also has tons of standard video outs.


Comment of the Day: RIAA's Answer to Jobs: More DRM, Not Less

"Jobs should give them what they want. Distribute Fair Play to everyone. After a few years, when it's too integrated to walk away from, just "leak" the code or turn it open source. Anyone who wants to will find the tools to make it completely irrelevant."—crash


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"The Tesla roadster better watch out because it's got some cheeper competition out there..."

cheeper competition? holy shit you're comparing a bird to an electric car?