Afternoon Delight: The Best of Gizmodo

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The Goodyear blimps reign as top blimp might be coming to an end. I mean how can it compete with the Air Genie? A spherical video blimp, that trumps big blue any day in my book.


And our own Travis Hudson got some one on one with D-Wade himself Dwayne Wade. They talked all about his special eddition Sidekick 3 and all things gadety.

Maybe all those predictions about computers migrating into the living room were a little premature. It seems like the real deal is

moving parts of the PC into things that are already in the living room. Take for instance Onkyo, their new BR-NX10 stereo will let you purchase songs online without ever touching a PC.


When will Yuki-Taro come and save the United States from it's snowy Hell? Who, you ask? Yuki-Taro the cute Japenese autonomous snowplow. It eats up snow and then poops out snow blocks all by itself.


And we've also got a Samsung K3 review for you guys. It's pretty, little, and useful but does it have what it takes to run with the big guys? Check out the review to find out.


Comment of the Day: Japanese Snowplow Robot is Awesome

"Come to Canada, little robot. We will show you the real snow, more snow than you can poop in a thousand lifetimes."—Lorne




They talked all about his special eddition Sidekick 3 and all things gadety.

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