Some men (and women!) just want to see the world burn. Others are content to focus more specifically on technology. Whichever one you are, if you've ever thought about chucking a misbehaving iPod into the incinerator, you're going to enjoy this.

Who's up for some catharsis?

A Canon EOS 7D digital single lens reflex camera during a durability test

Source: DigitalRev TV

Destroyed in a house fire: DVD player, Digital Converter box, speaker, Santa

Photo: Travis S.

Old cell phone burning

Source: gamerzak

Fires and dryers don't mix

Photo: Travis S.

32GB iPhone meets its demise

Source: xarisaris

Melted iPhone cable

Photo: Dan Melinger

A monitor's last visual triumph

Source: eggy15

Phoenix laptop

Photo: secumem/Wikimedia Commons

Roasting an Android tablet

Source: Kenzie Khaos

Destroying a Nokia E71 cellular phone

Source: technologybreaks

RC car burns rubber

Source: SuperMatinator

A GoPro action cam case isn't built for this particular action

Source: jai MANSSON

Destruction of an iPod

Source: Kscope

Ditching your cable plan's got nothing on burning your TV

Source: thebenthejaminable

Top animgif source: acme663ryo