Watch Leap Motion Turn a Windows 8 Rig Into a Futuristic Dream Machine

We've already seen what the Leap Motion can do in apps that support it, but it stands to make your everyday OS-level boredom into a futuristic gesture-controlled wonderland too. This new video shows exactly what kind of applications you can look forward to on your Windows 8 machine, at it seems at least as cool as touch.


A similar video showing off the device's Mac potential is in the works as well, but we're already sold. The first stand-alone Leap Motion controllers start shipping this July for $80, and if using them is even half as cool as it looks, we're all in for a treat. [Leap Motion]



ah yes, finally i can wave at my bad windows 8 computer like an idiot all day. this truly changes my experience, as before i had to wave at my computer like an idiot all day a few inches further forward to touch the screen. REVOLUTION

if only someone would invent a small device i could place on a desk, allowing my arms to rest instead of wiggling them at the screen like a maroon, that could then turn my hand movements into interactions with the screen. perhaps this device could use some form of 'cursor' to allow selections

if only. if only.