Aliens Leave a Pop Quiz In a Rapeseed Field

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Apparently bored with abducting yokels and being shot at by Will Smith, some erudite extraterrestrial has deposited a crop circle in England that puts our left brains to the test. What you're looking at, Earthlings, is a complex mathematical theorem.

The pattern showed up recently in a field in Wiltshire, and looks to contain a binary code. According to crop researcher Lucy Pringle:

Working from the centre outwards, people are suggesting it has a connection to Leonhard Euler's theorem e^(i)pi+1=0 which is thought to be one of the most beautiful theorems in mathematics.


So there you have it! Either the aliens have started giving us homework, or Leonhard Euler's theorem bears a remarkable resemblance to "Send Reinforcements" in Altarian. [Telegraph]