All It Takes Is a Lego Jukebox To Make Your CDs Almost Useful Again

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Be honest, when was the last time you actually listened to a CD? Granted, it's not exactly hard to throw one into the drive; it's just that streaming is soooo much easier. Well with just a little bit of help from Lego, a tinkerer named Ralph gave his CD collection a second chance at usefulness.

Much like an old-fashioned jukebox loads a 45 onto a record player, this Lego jukebox contraption painstakingly hunts down a disc from the library using a black-and-white encoder strip to find its target. Then it slaps that puppy into the drive, all from its seat on top of a PC tower. It's not exactly fast, or practical, or efficient, but damned if it isn't cool.

Just mash it up with a Lego record player that can actually play music all by itself, and you've got the guts of a serious Lego sound system on your hands. Although if you just want to stick to Spotify, I don't think anyone will blame you. [Hack a Day]