Secret Wars is back next year, and it's bringing everything with it - even the damn action figures. Not read the mid-eighties classic and want to catch up ready for next year? Marvel will have you covered with this slipcase filled with everything you need to know about one of their most famous crossovers.

The box set will be out in June of next year - presumably just in time for the kick off of the new Secret Wars that Marvel has been hyping since New York Comic Con - and contains 10 Hardcover anthologies collecting the comic issues that built the storyline as well as the main miniseries itself, and a separate hardcover going behind the scenes on writing and drawing the whole thing. That's a lot of Comic books! And to top it off, you'll also get a poster of Alex Ross's gorgeous new cover art for the 2015 event's first issue:


Marvel haven't unveiled a price for the gargantuan collection yet, but I'd expect it's going to be pricey. I guess we'll find out closer to that June 2015 release.


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