Human civilization has littered the natural terrain with sprawling megastructures too big to be entirely seen from the ground. But when seen from above, isolated from their surroundings—as in the work of Jenny O'Dell—these vast tangles of organized chaos will wreak even more havoc on your sense of scale.

O'Dell has been using satellite imagery in her work for years, creating hyper-organized compositions from aerial footage. Her latest series, Satellite Landscapes, parses areas of vast infrastructure to lays them bare, like miniature plastic models.

The interconnected layout of airports, oil refineries, and shipping container platforms all reduce huge networks of man-made components to mere shapes and patterns. Some of them look like circuit boards, others look like alien creatures. They're really cool to just gawk at.


Satellite Landscapes can be seen in person at San Francisco's Intersection for the Arts until March 29th. Check it out! []