Amazon and Brita's Wi-fi Water Pitcher Automatically Buys New Filters for You

Amazon has teamed up with Brita to bring e-commerce straight into your fridge: Their new, internet-connected pitcher automatically orders fresh Brita filters as soon as you need replacements.


Amazon and Brita’s new pitcher is now available to buy online today, simultaneously hinting at both how lazy humans are becoming, as well as how pervasive the connected devices are becoming. The new pitcher, called Brita Infinity, uses its built-in counter to keep track of how much water passes through the filter. Register the $45 pitcher online, enter your contact and billing information, connect it to your Amazon account, and 40 gallons of water later, shiny new Brita filters appear in a cardboard box on your doorstep. This is at least a little helpful because water filters are a staple that I remember I need the second I open the fridge, but immediately forget as soon as I’ve left the kitchen.

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It’s all part of Amazon’s Dash Replenishment program that was announced last year: The idea is that as soon as you’re running low on staples like coffee pods (don’t use coffee pods) or laundry detergent, one of the many smart devices in your home automatically buys replacements using your Amazon account.

This pitcher, and the program in general, is an idea I go back and forth on. It is convenient, but also just makes me feel really lazy. Do I really need an internet connected gadget because I’m too forgetful to take care of basic chores? Wait, what was I just talking about?


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Can I get a shoutout from my fellow IT professionals who are dreading the upcoming conversion to IPV6, largely in part because of the lack of IP addresses due to lazy assholes needing shit like this? Oh don’t get me wrong, I can deal with IPv6, It’s just a major pita. Thank you,
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