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Amazon Will Give You a Year's Unlimited Online Storage for $5

Illustration for article titled Amazon Will Give You a Years Unlimited Online Storage for $5

If you need some cloud-based storage in which to squirrel away your files, Amazon has just announced a tempting option: for a limited time, you can snag its unlimited online storage for $5.


The company is cutting the price of a subscription to its unlimited Cloud Drive option, which allows you to back up anything your heart so desires to Amazon’s servers, to $5. If you take advantage, just remember that in twelve months time the price will rise again, to the usual $60.

It might be an attractive option if you were taking advantage of Microsoft’s unlimited OneDrive storage, which was recently capped to 1TB.


Image by Nic Taylor under Creative Commons license.

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Apparently I already have unlimited file storage through October 2016. Weird, I don’t remember buying that. I wasn’t even aware of it until now.