An Alabama Police Department Has No Idea Why It Owns Two Drones

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Surprise! The Gadsden, Ala. Police Department recently discovered that it has two drones, and no one, including Chief John Crane, knows why.


Looks like a case for... well, probably not this department, where everyone seems to be scratching their heads. Crane, who was named chief in February, didn't stumble on the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) until about two weeks ago. He doesn't know where they came from, but they've had them since 2010. The duo of UAV Wasps cost $150,000, and they were covered by a federal grant.

Seriously, how do you just have a pair of drones and not know it? And Gadsden even has the official go-ahead to fly them. It was included on a list of organizations with FAA authorization released last week.

Gadsden hasn't used the drones-which can fly at a maximum altitude of 500 feet-yet, which is probably fine. A town of 37,000 people probably doesn't have much need for aerial surveillance. [Gadsden Times via AP]

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Pork pork and more pork. Funny thing is, people never get bent out of shape with this shit or any of the other shit that DHS or the Pentagon engage in, yet try to get some money for poor people to buy food with any all of a sudden everyone's an anarcho capitalist libertarian.

As I get older, I sometimes think we deserve to have it all fall apart. So willfully ignorant we are.