Most Are Garbage - You Get What You Pay For

From my experience, most portable shovels are cheap garbage junk made overseas and break very easily, same goes with lots of other gear unfortunately.

When it comes to adventure truly get what you pay for! The last thing you want is to be in a life or death situation with poor quality gear that won't perform as intended. When your life is on the line, it's good to spend a little exta cash. And if you're an avid outdoorsman you know that every adventure, could be your last if not prepared properly.


A great example of a quality product would be a premium cooler unlike anything you'd find at your local sporting goods store. Yes, that means the Yeti cooler brand too. They are far overrated and just good at marketing, not keeping ice longer or keeping their customers happy.

Most consumers aren't aware of some of the top name ice cooler brands out there, some of which would include the Enel, Canyon, Frigid Rigid, Grizzly, and the many others that put Yeti coolers and others like the Coleman's to shame. Take a look at The Best Cooler Store and you'll see what I mean. Some of their premium rotomolded coolers keep ice 16 days, are made in the USA, and havea lifetime warranty. Something all products should have when investing a significant amount of cash.

An Ultra-Thin Camping Shovel For Discreetly Burying Your Indiscretions

When you're heading out into the wild with nothing more than a backpack to carry all of your supplies and gear, packing light and compact is your number one priority. And when mother nature is serving as your outhouse, a shovel has to be at the top of your packing list—preferably one as light and slim as the GG Camp Shovel which looks no bigger than a shoe horn.

Made from lightweight modified aluminum snow stakes, the GG camp shovel won't snap at the wrong time like a plastic scoop. And when nature urgently calls, you won't have to fiddle with a folding contraption to dig yourself an emergency latrine.

For $20 the GG Camp Shovel even comes with a compact roll of toilet paper so you've got everything you need short of an old copy of Reader's Digest to pass the time. [Bush Smarts via Gear Culture]