Playing with Your Dogs in Matrix-style Bullet Time Looks So Fun

Slow motion and Matrix-style bullet time was invented for this and this only: dogs. As in playing with dogs and recording them in bullet time with 52 GoPro cameras set up to freeze time. The video itself is already fun (if you have a heart) but the behind the scenes footage is almost just as interesting (if you like cameras).

Building the rig to capture bullet time required perfect measurements, a lot of drilling, laser cutting and angling. Capturing the bullet time video just needed play time with dogs. No surprise something this fun was made by Devin Super Tramp [Devin Super Tramp]



Any video people out there? What FPS would you need to remove the shakin' bakin' effect of using separate cameras as opposed to their standard frame rate when used like this? I'm not sure what the psycho-physics of human perception would be to determine the FPS to make it acceptable to watch without that jitter. Maybe stitching software in post to fix that? The bullet time in The Matrix was electronically fired, effectively giving an insane frame rate for that instant where "bullet time" was in effect.