Original Empire Strikes Back trailer showed only McQuarrie's art

Last week, Lucasfilm rereleased the original Star Wars teaser trailer, and this week, they're sharing the original teaser for The Empire Strikes Back, which included no film footage, but instead featured concept artist Ralph McQuarrie's paintings.


[via Geeks Are Sexy]



Anybody noticed how much Lucasfilm is focusing on the OT over everything else since the buyout? New series is going to be just before the OT era, the new tabletop RPG is wholly OT era, the new card game and miniature game are OT era, the new Dark Horse comics are OT era, including going back to the first draft of the script for some fun "what if" ride, and now they are rereleasing the trailers for the OT.

I think Lucasfilm really want people to forget the prequels. I can't say I fault them, but it is a marked change from how Lucas ran things. I hope this means we get a new Blu-Ray release with the original cut (though I would not mind having both the original cut and the special edition (not the DVD one, the 1997 one) on the BR, just because the SE is the one I watched 30+ times in my childhood)