AOL's Slow Death Continues: A Third of Staff Must Go

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After telling its investors that $200 million has been put aside to jettison a third of its payroll, AOL is looking for 2,500 staff to take voluntary redundancies—jump now, or be pushed later. It's all designed to shave about $300 million off its annual 1.8 billion operating expenses. Instant messaging client, ICQ, is also up for sale, and Mapquest could be next. As always, we're surprised that AOL still even exists. [Business Insider]


I still use AOL strictly because it's the email account that everyone has. I just can't quit 'em.

That having been said, AOL was actually a decent place for social networking back when they had monitored chat rooms and the like: I know that I met alot of people I would go on to play paintball with in the paintball chatroom. Once they nixed that program, cut all the volunteer staff, and made the program free and ad based however, it became one big room full of fail.

Oh and the AOL desktop software for leopard absolutely sucks donkey butt.