Apple Bought the Company That Helped With Motion-Capture For Star Wars

Illustration for article titled Apple Bought the Company That Helped With Motion-Capture For Star Wars

Apple, a maker of expensive aluminum slabs, might not be the obvious first buyer for Faceshift, a Swiss startup that makes motion-capture tech used in Star Wars. But when you consider how its software can be applied to augmented reality, things get a lot more interesting.


As originally reported by MacRumors and now confirmed by Apple, the tech giant gobbled up Zurich-based startup Faceshift earlier this year. The company’s product is software for ‘real-time motion capture’: using a camera to track your face, identify movement and expression, and use that data to make an animated face come to life. Basically, in real time, it can make you look very much like a troll.

The software was used to make characters in the new Star Wars movie more lifelike, but special effects isn’t actually the main intended use. Rather, it’s a killer tool for augmented reality applications, because nothing augments reality quite like turning yourself into Chewbacca.

It’s also interesting because of what it says about Apple. The company hasn’t publicly said anything about virtual or augmented reality projects, but it’s been steadily acquiring patents and staff in the field. Maybe it’s just for some exciting new selfie camera on the iPhone 8.




Apple’s long-term plans, include creating a virtual version of Steve Jobs to steward the company into the future. This is but one critical step in the mission to bring virtual Steve to life.

P.s. the picture for the article needs a bit of tweaking before it can accurately resemble Steve.