Google Maps Now Works with the iPad and Has Better Navigation

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All you iPad users can now banish Apple Maps into that folder you never open because Google Maps 2.0 has been released and adds support for the iPad and iPad Mini. That means BIG MAPS HELL YEAH.


Google Maps 2.0 for iOS also adds better navigation with live traffic updates, incident reports and dynamic re-routing. The update for iOS is pretty much the same update as the recent Android Google Maps update, which included a new Explore feature and reviews that include Zagat. There's also support for indoor maps.

The app doesn't seem to be all the way live for everybody in the US App Store but we've successfully downloaded the new version by deleting the current (old) Google Maps app and re-downloading the app through iCloud. [App Store via 9to5Mac]


Apple Maps is pretty damn good these days. I use Google pretty heavily too, but I'm thankful for both options and I'm glad these guys are competing so furiously.

That said, looking forward to trying the update. 1.0 was good, but not having it on the iPad sucked, and it had one or two other annoying issues (randomly dimming iPhone screen, for one).