Apple Offering Free Hard Drive Replacements For MacBooks Bought Between 2006 - 2007

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MacBooks bought between 2006 and 2007 could be eligible for a free hard drive replacement, with Apple dodging a guilty admission, stating that "a very small percentage...may fail under certain conditions." UPDATED (with advice from a Mac Genius).


If you own a white or black MacBook bought between 2006 and 2007, with either a 1.83GHz, 3Ghz, or 2.16GHz processor and 60GB, 80GB, 100GB, 120GB or 160GB, you may be in luck. Or out of luck—as you have to prove the hard drive actually has failed.

The offer is open until August the 15th of this year, or three years after the MacBook was purchased. Now all Apple has to do is address the faulty iMac problem, and we're gold. Oh, and these eight issues with the iPad...[Reg Hardware]

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UPDATE: A Mac Genius has written in with the following information:

"the hdd replacement applies to macbook models "Macbook 13-inch" (i.e. the original 06 model) and "Macbook mid-2007." there is a model in between that is not covered. Also, unlike Apple REPs (repair extension programs), these repairs appear on what apple calls its CS-Matrix (a breakout list of procedure deemed eligible for customer service, or "CS" codes). the CS-matrix is not governed by the 3-year REP expiration and is considered "cover until further notice."

if you really want to freak out a genius bar employee, just sidle up and mention you have a CS-matrix-eligible macbook hard drive replacement. or don't because we'll hate you for being douchey ;)"

UPDATE: We're getting conflicting reports coming in from several Mac Geniuses, with most of them saying something along these lines:

"Your Genius informant was wrong. The Apple internal docs mention the MacBook Late 2006 is covered. Apple doesn't list model numbers because consumers don't really need to know them. On all the Apple Internal documentation it lists the qualified models as MacBook (13-inch), MacBook (13-inch, Late 2006), MacBook (13-inch, Mid 2007).

As well as this is an actual REP (like the iMac G5 Power Supply and MLB back in the day) so no CS-code is need and any Genius is able to cover this but only if it falls into the date listed on the REP info page.

Additionally, if a customer paid for a HDD replacement on one of the listed models they may qualify to be reimbursed the repair costs. They will need to contact AppleCare for that part (we can't do it in-store)."


There you have it. Hope that helps.


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"A very small percentage...may fail under certain conditions."