Apple's 12 Days of iOS Gifts Comes to the US This Year

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The past couple of years, iOS users in Europe and Canada have been lucky enough to receive a series of 12 free gifts from Apple over the festive period. Now, Cook & Co. are spreading that generosity to the US, too.


The gifts—which vary from free videos and songs to games, books, and apps—start arriving on the 26th December and keep coming for the 12 days of Christmas, through to January 6th. To receive the gifts, you just have to download the app and hold tight. To be honest it's kinda weird they've not been offered in the US before; clearly the country has been nice this year.

There's no indication as to what the gifts might be—hey, surprise presents are fun!—but in the past they've included episodes of TV shows like Sherlock and How I Met Your Mother, movies like Modern Times, music from One Direction, Kesha, and Maroon 5, and games likes Sonic Jump and Broken Sword. [Apple via 9to5mac]


But...but...the 26th is after Christmas?

I always assumed the 12 days of Christmas were the days leading up to the 25th. Interesting - to the Wikimobile!