Apple's MagSafe Connectors Could Be Used on iPads and iPhones

Illustration for article titled Apples MagSafe Connectors Could Be Used on iPads and iPhones

Before worrying about your iPod dock's future (and the whole of China's accessory ecosystem being thrown into disarray), listen up: I don't think we need to worry about the iPad and iPhone eschewing the humble 30-pin connector.


Apparently back in June, Apple filed a patent for MagSafe power connectors being added to iPads and iPhones. This shouldn't mean they're throwing out the 30-pin connector in lieu of the MagSafe, but I am intrigued by the patent diagrams showing the MagSafe dock on the curved back—hardly the ideal place to charge an iPhone from, unless the aluminum connector head was curved upwards so the gadgets could rest easy on a table, facing upwards? [Patently Apple]

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Ioan McAvoy

One of my favourite things about my iPhone - if I forget my charger, chances are the house I'm at has either a cable or a dock in it somewhere.