I am usually a stickler for articulation in action figures — the more the merrier, except in one case: Michael Keaton’s Batman must never turn his head. Thankfully Hot Toy’s latest figure sticks to this rule, by replacing the usual neck articulation with... poseable eyeballs? Man, figures are weird.

Based on the character’s appearance in Batman Returns, Hot Toy’s latest 1:6 scale figure is a glorious recreation of Keaton’s dark knight, complete with a variety of wonderful toys as accessories: a signal jammer, the remote control for the Batmobile, and his line launcher/grappling hook, complete with various attachments.

But the real star of the show is the newly designed head piece for the figure. Not only does the head come with three different faceplates for various moments of Bat-emoting (also, bear in mind that at any given time you will also have two eerily detailed lower halves of Michael Keaton’s face in your possession, which, AHHHH), but a newly designed set of rolling eyeballs so that no matter how you want to pose the figure, you can adjust the eyes while still staying accurate to the fact that this Batman’s greatest strength was his masterful torso-twist just to look at things beyond his periphery view.

Also, we’ve reached the point where “articulated eyeballs!” is a valid thing that someone can say. What is going ooooooon.


Hot Toys are also making a two-pack version of the figure that features Michael Keaton in a dinner suit Bruce Wayne as well as the Batman, so if you weren’t satisfied with merely having three different lower halves of Michael Keaton’s face, now you’ve got a whole fancy action figure. Sadly, the Bruce figure doesn’t have articulated eyeballs. The world is a cruel and unjust place.

That said, the twin pack does come with one neat feature — a separate “damaged cowl” addon for Batman so you can slap the Keaton head on the Batsuit body, to recreate the moment he tears his cowl off for Selina Kyle.

Hot Toys’ Batman Returns Batman will be out later this year. I’ll update the post when we get a US price tag, but for now assume the usual Hot Toys $200-300.

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