Are You Still Using Apple Music?

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We just passed the halfway mark for Apple Music’s three-month free trial period, and guess what: A whole bunch of people have stopped using the service already. A new report from MusicWatch claims that a whopping 48-percent of users have jumped ship. Are you one of them? (I am.)

Apple, predictably, disagrees with MusicWatch’s conclusion, which was drawn from a survey of 5,000 American consumers. The Cupertino company insists that 79-percent of the people who signed up for Apple Music are still using the service. There’s a big difference between 48-percent and 79-percent! That said, we also know that Apple Music’s a crushing disappointment—at least in terms of innovation. Using it is actually kind of a nightmare. However, some people must like it.


So on a scale of one to Spotify, how likely are you to stick with Apple Music?


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