Ashes To Vinyl: Because You Always Wanted to Be in Guns N' Roses

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I thought I fancied the idea of turning myself into a diamond once I die, but actually, having my cremated ashes turned into a vinyl record of my favorite album is much more my style.

British company "And Vinyly" charges £2,000 ($3,100) for the pleasure of pressing cremated ashes into a piece of vinyl, sprinkling them in like one would sprinkle cinnamon in a carrot cake, producing up to 30 records.

Not only can the records themselves be composed of ashes, but for another £3,500 artist James Hague will paint from a photo, mixing ashes in with the acrylic paint.


Should you have always dreamed of being a famous rockstar, the company can even arrange for the record to be stocked around the world in record stores for another £1,000 extra.

So, what to choose for your record? The options are plentiful. Either a recording of your voice, your favorite tunes—or for another £500, a "bespook" track can be written and recorded for you.


For the record (ahem), I would choose Human League's Together In Electric Dreams. Or maybe Queen's Don't Stop Me Now. Either way, they're both pretty fitting, right? [And Vinyly via Wired]