Every once in a while form meets function in such a wonderful way that an architectural pun is born. It's hard to find a better example than the Blood Center in Raciborz, Poland. Let's just say they don't have to worry about a spill staining the carpet.

This blood-colored building is home to a whole host blood-related activities. That includes facilities for collecting and testing blood, surgically clean cool rooms for blood storage, laboratories for blood research, state-of-the-art blood purification equipment that uses radioactive materials, and even a mobile blood center to take the whole vampire-friendly show on the road. The whole complex is wrapped in a sleek, modern façade composed of over 2,000 ceramic panels.

Designed by F A A B Architektura, the overall effect is like something out of a Kubrick movie. But hey, when you step back and think about it, it must be comforting for locals to know that the people who are handling their blood are in tune with what they're doing. Even if some of them have the last name Dracula. [Architizer]

Images via F A A B Architektura