The Reason Google Glass Died, and Everything Else You Missed Yesterday

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Google diagnoses its Glass problem, more iPhone 6S rumors surface, and an ultimate display of drone sadness. This is the news and rumors you missed in the last 24 hours on BitStream.


Google Glass, at least right now, is dead. The little ambitious wearable just couldn't overcome the technical and social hurdles to be a must-have accessory for our face. But Google has finally pinpointed what was really Glass's biggest problem—they talked about it too damn much. Captain of Moonshots Astro Teller (that is his actual title btw) said during a SXSW panel that Google pretty much sucked at curbing Glass hype and communicating that the pricey $1500 faceputer was a prototype and not a finished product. This was evidence by how many people immediately had "I want this now" reactions, which slowly turned to regret after Glass failed to deliver on the promise showcased in its overreaching commercials.

If Google ever tries to bring face computing to the mainstream again, we can probably expect a more subtle approach. The new rule of Google Glass, is don't talk about Google Glass. [Reuters]

Apps and Devices

Google Play will now add age ratings on all its apps, so you can download appropriate content without worry... or inappropriate. Whatever, no judgments. [Google]

Meerkat gets an improved discover and search feature to make up for the hole left behind by Twitter's MIA social graph. [TNW]

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that there are already making portable Apple Watch chargers, but... I am. [Cult of Mac]


You can now send Hangouts messages via Google Now, which is most likely only the beginning of many new tricks that will be coming to the digital assistant. [Droid Life]


The Apple Watch comes in two gold why not do the same for the iPhone 6S! That's the rumor anyway. I think I speak for many people when I say "enough with the gold." [Geeky Gadgets]


Lenovo may be finally ready to put out a Windows Phone, just in time for Windows 10. [Reuters]

OnePlus will launch its homemade OxygenOS by March 27. Hopefully, it will be...a breath of fresh air (sunglasses). [VentureBeat]


Drone videos can be so peaceful sometimes...

I liked the part where he said "fuuuuuuuck."

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At the end of the day, glass has so far been nothing more than a fun thing for uber-geeks to play with. It makes you look like a turd. It offers limited benefit. It's expensive as hell for what it is.

Google wants to comfort itself by saying that they simply promised too much? That's up to them...but google glass is currently the equivalent to old school headgear. You just can't get past the fact that the person wearing it is either a member of Lambda Lambda Lambda, or a total star trek fiend. It just aint gonna fit in society for "the masses" (and at 1500 bucks a pop, you're limiting the number of folks that would look at it anyway)