Rocket hardware is always awesome eye candy, no matter what country is sending stuff into space. Awesome, and, well, sexy. You know what I mean. I like the rockets with the boom. Just look at all these pretty space-bound asses.

Proton-M, Russian heavy carrier rocket

Photo: Roscosmos

Soyuz, Russian launch vehicle

Photo: Roscosmos

Photo: Bill Ingalls/NASA

SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket engines in two different configuration

Photo: SpaceX

Photo: Steve Jurvetson

Photo: SpaceX

N1, the Soviets’ ill-fated moon rocket

Source: YouTube

Source: Martin Trolle Mikkelsen

Her Majesty (Saturn V)

Photo: Attila Nagy/Gizmodo

The aft portion of the space shuttle

Photo: NASA

Photo: NASA

Vostok-1, Yuri Gagarin’s iconic rocket ride

Source: Galambos Tibor - Emberek a világűrben. Kossuth Könyvkiadó, Magyar-Szovjet Baráti Társaság, Táncsics Könyvkiadó, 1975.

Photo: Sárosi Gyula. In: Repülés, 1967. október. XX. évf./10. szám.

Photo: AP

Thrust-Augmented Delta rocket carrying the Nimbus E, the sixth spacecraft in the Nimbus series

Photo: NASA

Saturn IB launch vehicle



Photo: Jet Lowe/Library Of Congress

Buran, the Russian space shuttle on the Energia heavy launcher


Ariane 5, the heavy launcher of the European Space Agency

Photo: S. Corvaja/ESA

Photo: S. Corvaja/CNES/Arianespace/ESA

The Antares rocket

Photo: Orbital Sciences

Historic close-up view of the Redstone rocket, with the tail section removed

Photo: Library Of Congress