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At the dick doctor it's the opposite, like, "Here we're going to tell you everything in great detail because you have a man-brain and can understand everything and if something goes wrong with your junk IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD and also maybe you can even teach us some ways to improve this medical procedure." Read more

Well, despite your weird endorsement of discredited Giuliani theories and bizarre fear-mongering about the New York City subway, I can assure you that this subway station is in the 5th precinct, which reports one murder last year all told precinct-wide and all of 11 felony assaults in 2013. So presumably the only Read more

It would be best for this conversation we had all read the books being discussed. I have read only one and am going to read the other. Let's meet back in a week! Read more

Pretty familiar with the industry of "curiosity architecture" and it does not pay well.. in the short term! However down the road there are probably a good number of financial payoffs. Read more

They actually don't, it turns out! Read more

Yes, okay, but hold the phone. Random nutters are emailing sports columnists, calling them miserable people (sure, maybe accurate in this case), and then when the columnist writes them back to tell them to go get fucked (actually, writing back much more nicely than that!), we're mocking the COLUMNIST? Not the dude Read more

I love Late Night Gay Porn Deadspin. Read more

Hey, that John Starks email is kind of amazing. Can the Deadspin staff go on a retreat and discuss it for three days? It's... kind of... weirdly well-put and has a couple great points! (OR ALSO perhaps he is for hire?) Read more

"Caught fire"? I declare west coast selection bias. Read more

This is what straight sex looks like???? Huh. Seems disappointing. Read more