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Nov 29 2019

I am seriously taken aback by all the comments that minimize the alarm that we should all feel as a result of these serious encroachments on our privacy. By way of background not only am I am a prosecutor, but I’ve also recently had an iPhone (along with about $15 worth of change) stolen from my car, which was parked Read more

Nov 14 2019

Uh huh. But like, in your analogy she didn’t publish the first draft that was unworthy of publication. But Disney did, and not only that, people are paying Disney for that sloppy first draft. 

Nov 14 2019

Anyone who’s ever had the misfortune of using any of the Disney apps for their parks would be fully anticipating this.

Oct 30 2019

Deep Fusion in action. Shot with the telephoto, fairly well lit but completely in the shade. The only post adjustment was a little white balance fix using the new iPhone photo editing tools.

May 31 2019

I bought a set of these based on your initial review about a year ago, and have since sold my Bose QC35IIs. I seriously tell everyone about them. If the next gen steps up the sound quality ever so slightly - they’ll keep me as a user. The only thing the Jabras were worse at than the Bose, was the battery life. The Read more

Nov 14 2017

Google documentation is always lacking. It’s a big blind spot that they have.

Nov 14 2017

Your experience and my experience are almost exactly opposite. I quite enjoy my Pixel Buds, and I can highly recommend them! Read more

Oct 12 2017

The device is also touch sensitive. You can adjust the volume by tapping on the sides and play or pause music by tapping the top. Read more

Aug 24 2017

We live in the golden age of both copyright infringement (“Blurred Lines” “Monkey Selfie” etc.) and defamation.

Aug 5 2017

The Mask is really fun, but here’s another fun fact: the comic it is based on is not a fun comedy, but rather extremely horrific. In the comics (SPOILERS), Stanley Ipkiss is a down-on-his-luck guy who dreams about violent retribution and then is possessed by the mask and goes on a killing spree, eventually getting

Jun 27 2017

When I was a kid they used to do these at amusement parks. In fact I may have a picture of myself at the age of 10 on a Time magazine as well. Read more

Jun 21 2017

Clearly this is just a way to capitalize on Kitten Mittens:

Jun 2 2017

Fuck Jeremy Christian and fuck your disingenuous question.

Jun 1 2017

I am glad this article took the take it was as I was coming here to excoriate you for this shit. Do not for a MINUTE give Musk any sort of props or Kudos for quitting a council he should not have helped to legitimize in the first place.
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