AJ Dellinger
Nights and weekends editor, Gizmodo
Jun 30 2018

In ~February of 1989 I was in AIT at Fort Sam Houston for my medical specialist training and we spent an entire day on hand washing, including a final exam which of course you had to pass. The thing about washing hands isn’t to protect yourself, it’s to protect others. Everything you touch, however lightly or brief, Read more

Jun 11 2018

‘Alexandra Bell, a director of policy with the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation, stressed that talking about low-yield nuclear weapons as if they are “small” can be dangerous. Read more

Apr 20 2018

This dude is a creep. I work on the show above and he’s been masquerading as a casting agent trying to get pictures and info for people. Someone took this screenshot I called our casting folks right away to make sure he wouldn’t do it again.