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Alissa is the former urbanism editor at Gizmodo.

When my baby was a few weeks old I tried to stop a subscription several different times but all I could figure out to do was delay the shipment. I was looking for the “cancel” button on the website and thought I was too tired to find it. Read more

No, the thing I want to ban remains the same: Humans driving. Read more

Ha, this is what I just posted to Facebook: “You won’t believe what happens at 1875 AD” Read more

I’ve written a few times about bees in relation to the pollination challenges around the drought so I do know they are cultivated and sold, but I was trying to make a joke about bee abduction (which I guess was not very good). However a few people have emailed me to say that yellow jackets are not Read more

Maddie’s on vacation!

Would love to see more comparisons on this, as I thought the benefit of reverse osmosis was mainly for taste. My understanding is that you’d have to pair this treatment with another filter to get lead out? Read more

My last story on lead and water goes into more detail about why lead is tricky to measure and why there’s no “acceptable” level. This EPA site on the Lead and Copper Rule explains it well, but basically the “action level” is a measurement of 15 ppb or above in 10 percent of taps surveyed. Read more