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May 17

Amen to that. It’s like if socialized healthcare and education are so bad, why are they the main selling points of joining the military?

May 10

As I was writing this blog, I knew angry fanboys would come at me defending his bad tweets because “he has asperger’s!!” Like, so do some of my close family members, dude, and acting like that’s some kind of catch-all excuse for shitty behavior is incredibly offensive and infantilizes people with disabilities.  

May 6

No worries! Yeah not sure why they don’t include it on the full list of prohibited items.

May 4

According to Etsy’s policies, if a user sells divination services or other spell-related items, they have to offer a tangible product (like a recording/print-out of a tarot reading, herbs, crystals, etc). But the selling of “metaphysical outcomes” on their own is prohibited.
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Apr 30

You know, Netflix was testing something like that before and I really hope it eventually sees the light of day, because I’d love to be able to just spin the wheel on comfort shows when the mood strikes

Apr 26

Ehh, I make good money where I am now, but thank you for the unsolicited career advice!

Apr 25

I suspect the negativity comes from a bevy of sources, but just off the top of me head he called a dude who risked his life to rescue children a “pedo guy” and, just earlier this week, mocked the two men who died in a fatal Tesla crash in Texas.

Apr 19

No, but for some folks (like myself) it’s hard to justify the expense of buying a new console when it’s purely for the hardware upgrade. Improved frame rates, load times, etc. are great, but unless I risk missing out on a gameplay experience I’ve really been looking forward to, then I’m fine forgoing the investment Read more

Apr 18

I’m with you on that one. And if you’re talking about spider-man: miles morales, that also came out on the PS4. :T

Mar 20

Extremely valid and important point. Putting management in charge of their workers’ well-being is like putting a six-year-old in charge of their diet.