Alyse Stanley
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Feb 27

Didn’t notice. I downloaded Control for free before anything went down. I soldier on...

Feb 21

School boards are a stepping stone for full blooded politicians. These people don’t care about a single damn person in most cases. People see the power they can wield over others when they become national level legislators. They see the wealth they can accumulate. School board member to local small town commissions to Read more

Feb 21

“This is your captain speaking, we will be landing at Denver in 10 minutes, the engine arrived in Broomfield 20 minutes ago.”

Feb 7

A simple alternative is to swish water in your mouth with your tongue. I do while showering and helped tremendously. 

Feb 6

In a sane universe he never would have made it beyond the primaries in 2016

Feb 6

There’s a so much easier trick to this:
1. Click inside the suspended tab to wake it up (you’ll end up on an error page)
2. From the error page, press Back (you’ll end up in your unsuspended tab)
3. Rejoice

Feb 5

On Thursday, Dominion’s lawyers reportedly sent letters to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Parler asking them to preserve posts about the voting machine manufacturer Read more

Jan 25

The day following the botched coup attempt, the FBI said Caldwell sent a Facebook message to another militia member that said, “Do you like the pictures of us storming the castle?”

Jan 18

First of all, call them sex workers. Second, don’t steal their crutches, that’s mean. They have enough to deal with as it is.

Dec 6

That’s not true for all of us! I, for example, am modestly covered in mayonnaise at all times! Read more

Dec 4

Just let me turn off Fleets so I don’t have to see them at the top of my app, please. I haven’t clicked on one since the first day they were released.

Nov 16

Big difference: it’s unwise to stick Q-tips in your ears, while it’s unwise to stick Q-drops in your brain.