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The idea of an easily repairable and upgradeable smartphone that won’t let you change the OS if you want to is kind of hilarious. Read more

I think it’s probably the other way around. Most ‘80s cartoons were created after new toy line designs were finalized. Read more

Hmm, tough call. That would be addressing the issue as to whether or not the Iron Man armor is a vehicle for Stark. Read more

Definitely watched them all, but all those shows (A-Team, Dukes, Magnum PI, etc.) all featured cars that were really just cars and that didn’t interest me as much. Maybe if the General Lee had a virtual version of Uncle Jesse in the dashboard I would have cared more. Read more

Yes, it is a separate wireless device that can be hidden anywhere in the vehicle, presumably out of sight of passengers. Read more

I use a Chromecast dognle connected through HDMI with all the projectors I test for the site, and all streaming services work perfectly fine. Services like Netflix do require every device that accesses it be specifically approved to do so, and as a result some projectors from companies based in countries like China Read more

It’s really just size. Watching a 4K movie at 150-inches is a fantastic experience, especially when I’m sitting on my own couch in pajamas, and not putting up with a theater full of annoying people. I 100% hear every argument for why TVs provide a better picture than projectors do in almost every way, especially in Read more

These might be worth checking out: Read more

For starters, every original Game Boy and GBA cart I tested with the Pocket that had save capabilities still had all my progress saved. So whatever Nintendo is using in its carts must rival the power cells that keep Terminators running for decades. Second, while it wasn’t implemented with the pre-release firmware I Read more

I’ve seen ‘free iPads’ use as promotions countless times before. Local banks offer them as an incentives for new account sign-ups, and I’m sure there’s no partnership with Apple. Steinway can just include a new iPad and leave it to the end user to set it up. I can see several Steinway apps in the App Store for Read more

I imagine Steinway is more than happy to include a $1,000 iPad with a $100,000+ instrument. I really can’t see it cheaping out on a generic tablet. Read more

Good question. I can’t think of any recent global events that would have made it a challenge for them to travel and shoot videos together. Read more

The more lumens you can afford the better the visibility you’ll get, but that can also get very expensive. A better bet would be to pair a cheaper projector with a highly-reflective screen material so as much light as possible is getting bounced back to your eyes. There are even screen materials designed to reflect Read more

Yeah, I tried to signal boost channels currently under a million subscribers. Read more

I’ve long been a fan of the flexibility the Kobo offers, including supported ebook file formats, and even the ability to install your own preferred fonts. Read more

Yes! Sets with repetitive builds is something I try to avoid at all costs these days. Voltron was a neat model but four of the lions were more or less exactly the same thing and it got tedious after number two. Read more

lol who in the civilized world would want to switch it to Fahrenheit??? Read more