Andrew Liszewski
Senior Staff Reporter
Jan 13

Naw, there’s a reason they don’t say E Ink. “e-paper” is just a marketing term for the low-power LCD they used. How one defines “electronic paper” is certainly open to interpretation, but the Pebble never used the same screen technology the Kindles and Kobos do.

Jan 7

The dark woodgrain desk and the drawers full of disks and cartridges were a must. I still remember the name of our dot-matrix printer too: the Star NX-1000C with ‘C’ standing for color as it had an RGB ribbon at a time when color printers at home were unheard of.

Oct 19

Understood. But it won’t be on Reese’s wrappers, because all that goes straight in the trash.

Oct 19

Ooh, Werther’s is an excellent suggestion. And I believe carrot sticks have more of a legal claim of being peanut butter than the filling of a Reese’s cup does.

Oct 19

I believe Chicago’s approach to pizza disqualifies the city on having food opinions. I’m sorry for your loss.

Jul 28

There are many parts of Las Vegas I like a lot, and have very much enjoyed visiting friends who live far from all the casinos. Spending a week living right on the strip? It was fun the first time, not the next 15 times. I would love to see CES move from city to city, but I understand its huge size is problematic, Read more

Jul 2

This one was tested and photo’d in Ottawa, and sadly there’s nothing to tune in.

Jul 1

I remember Sony even found a way to brand and market that antenna: the Straptenna!

Jun 10

RED LEDs were the first developed and by the time the Virtual Boy was being developed they were cheap. Green and blue LEDs were newer and so more expensive, which would have increased the VB’s already hefty price tag.