Andrew Tarantola
1/14/15 6:31PM

funny enough, well not funny at all but coincidental, same sort of thing happened to a veteran who was protesting in the Oakland event I link to above. Dude caught an live tear gas canister to the side of the head. I'm not sure this one killed him, seem to remember him getting a whole shit ton of money from the city Read more

1/14/15 3:23PM

I got the same feeling, like I was just watching a bunch of very small men run around inside of my television.

1/13/15 1:51PM

Don't forget Turkey! They're basing their new indigenous MBT platform, the Altay, on the K2 design.

1/10/15 3:43AM

For under $100, you're going to have to stick to concentrate pens. Take a look at these but honestly, my #1 fallback is still the bat and dugout from Ed's Tote'N'Toke. Sure, it's super low-tech and by no means constitutes vaping, but damn that little one hitter is effective—especially with a little patty of hash on Read more

1/09/15 2:32PM

I'd also like to point out that TrackingPoint sells HUD glasses from Recon that, according to the website, "empowers you to shoot around corners and record your hunt." I'm not sure how many corners you encounter while popping hogs from your porch but there are plenty of them in malls and movie theaters.

1/09/15 1:55PM

Good news! In another two years this gun will probably be around that price.

1/09/15 1:28PM

Who says I didn't grow up using firearms? And how does me not being super excited about a self-aiming rifle somehow imply that I hadn't?

1/09/15 12:35PM

"Most" yes. But they're not the one's I'm referring to. I'm worried about the select few sociopaths that will want to use this to broadcast their next shooting rampage.