Andrew Tarantola
1/15/15 11:51AM

Looks a lot like the Dutch Goalkeeper CIWS....

1/15/15 11:45AM

Did anybody else read the title like scarface?

1/14/15 6:46PM

an ever evolving arms race is just the natural state of existence

1/14/15 6:43PM

You can't have a really serious discussion about HFR without at least reading up on Douglas Trumbull, Showscan, and Showscan Digital. Read more

1/14/15 6:31PM

funny enough, well not funny at all but coincidental, same sort of thing happened to a veteran who was protesting in the Oakland event I link to above. Dude caught an live tear gas canister to the side of the head. I'm not sure this one killed him, seem to remember him getting a whole shit ton of money from the city Read more

1/14/15 6:14PM

Isn't part of the draw of vaporizers that they produce much less of a smell (I'd call it an odor, but it's so beautiful), for the sake of discretion? this box is beautiful, but it's not going to be nearly as subtle, both in smell and appearance (the linked vaporizer looks more like a USB backup battery* than a zippo, Read more

1/14/15 5:56PM

I remember flying down to Washington DC then taking a taxi to McLean Virginia in 1985 where there was a Showbiz Pizza. At this place there was a product called Showscan, an new invention of Douglas Trumble who was behind the effects of 2001, Close Encounters and Blade Runner. This system was shot and projected at Read more

1/14/15 5:50PM

What we now perceive as added cost, of film, once was considered savings when shot on video. Every dollar saved goes into the producers and directors pockets once the film comes in under budget, its a contractual thing meant to stop all the big budget cost overruns. It worked like magic. Read more

1/14/15 5:36PM

And that is the point, shooting at 24fps is exactly like shooting a photo at 48th of a second. I think people don't understand this relationship, frame rate is attached to shutter speed. A 48th of a second is a little slow, not too slow but on the edge of too much blur. Shooting at higher frame rates dramatically Read more

1/14/15 4:32PM

The reason is that it DOES look more real, but it only emphasizes how fake movies are. That plastic prop which looks like wood at a lower framerate and lower resolution suddenly looks like a plastic prop at 4K 48fps. So the hobbit movies, when they showed beautiful vista shots looked INCREDIBLE, but when they showed a Read more

1/14/15 4:31PM

I agree about the outdoor scenes. I saw the first if The Hobbit trilogy in HFR and managed to get used to it relatively quickly along with my teenage son. The barrel escape scenes were breathtaking.

1/14/15 4:21PM

48FPS might have been better received if it could've been done with LotR rather than The Hobbit. The first three were more real on screen to begin with (props/makeup/techniques). It's pretty well documented how CGIed up The Hobbit films were compared to LotR. Read more

1/14/15 4:16PM

Something I didn't see mentioned in this article was how lighting a scene with HFR cameras must be different as well. In the GIF above you have frame rates moving from 24 to 60 ... notice that as you move from left to right the brightness of the fountain is dramatically enhanced. An article I read by the gentleman who Read more

1/14/15 4:16PM

I want the highest resolution, deepest color and fastest frame rates possible. I can't stand low frame rates and don't understand why people think high frames rates look weird or unrealistic. It couldn't possibly be smoother than real life anyway. As the article states, 24 fps was chosen for economic reasons. If we Read more

1/14/15 4:07PM

We have Amazon and iTunes and Google Play. We don't need physical media for this transaction. (I would like it but I can understand the problems)