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Queens NY born and bred writer who covers environmental justice, climate, science. Hates Robert Moses. Hates AI written posts. Pls send me tips

No worries! And considering the online threats that some journalists receive for doing their jobs, this is not the weirdo parade at all.  Read more

Nope. If I ever post an AI image it’s because I’m reporting on AI itself. But other than that, I support using real photos taken by real people.  Read more

What is your beef with Chicago (apart from the soupy pizza). Read more

Did you also see an alert on your phone? I woke up to a air quality notification.  Read more

The air in NYC was a little hazy this morning, and I immediately started searching for updates on fires.  Read more

Some of Florida’s issues are also based on insurance fraud, so it seems like a combo of disasters there. Read more

Do you know the name of these companies? Might be worth looking into. Read more

A lot of pre-war buildings in NYC don’t have central AC either. It’s become dangerous for older city residents in recent years.  Read more

The only bugs I can vouch for are chapulines in tacos. Everything else is still up for debate to me.  Read more