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Just out of curiosity. Is that an AI-generated image?
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This is truly devastating. Maui is my wife’s favorite place in the world. Just a warning for the embedded video. At the 29 second mark, there is a dead animal, probably a dog, shown in the middle of the street. Read more

It’s easy to meet your environmental goals when they are non-existent. Read more

I guess the good news is that more than half of it is not? Read more

Ditto 2 hours south of Rochester. Sky a yellowish gray and a wood smoke scent. Read more

Here in Oregon (and presumable elsewhere) the big realtor development companies are scrambling to buy up water rights so they can build subdivisions. It’s a bad situation for farmers and of course, low income communities. Read more

Of course they did. Corporations don’t care as long as no rich people are affected.  Read more

Its not like the writer has any control over the website or the ads. Read more

Like a good neighbor, State Farm is leaving you the hell alone.
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The second photo is my favorite one, with the red glow of the volcano over the trees.
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Maybe they couldn’t find a good picture of the berries either free or in whatever licensed picture service Gizmodo Group is using.
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I googled what Autumn Olive berries look like:

If you’re in the PNW: blackberries! Read more

I came here expecting bugs. found superior content to bugs. 11/10 bug-free Read more

Please don’t eat things unless you are absolutely sure that you know what it is. As the BlackForager says: “Don’t Die”
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“Chump change. But we still aren’t going to do it.” -Every Oil And Gas Company In The World.  Read more