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not clicking on them is the first step
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Then why did you click on a non tech story and even comment on it? The answer is because you don't come here for tech, you come here to bitch about things in the comments. At least that's what your actions say. You'll probably say something to the contrary but you know the old expression about actions and words.
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So, I guess being unable to control your own mouth is a “back issue”? Read more

Should we expect movie trailers to start having a disclaimer in clear print at the bottom of the screen like a lot of video game trailers do (i.e. “work in progress, may not represent final product”)? Read more

Pretty sure the fighter pilot one is just his head photoshopped onto this stock photo, with a little bit of terrible airbrushing.

Sesame Street. Herry Monster’s still awesome. Graduated to The Electric Company since it was cooler, but still cried when Mr. Hooper died, since I watched the show with my little sister. Read more

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Since being white isn’t paramount to her character... I’d say cast Nicole Beharie in the role. She could be the warm team sister as Jean Grey, and the ultimate Final Boss as Dark Phoenix.
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I am hoping that they skip all the original Xmen (as well as mystique and Wolverine) and do a Storm led team (Storm, Collosus, Gambit, Betsy Braddock Psylocke and Jubilee). Read more

I would pay the $20 it costs to go to a movie in a theater now to see that Bond.  Read more

TRULY. She just sparkles. Those five minutes were the most fun that franchise has been in ages. Read more

Ana really stole the show, she was fantastic. Read more

Lashana Lynch and Ana de Armas, ftw. Read more

I just saw her latest movie, Three Thousand Years of Longing, and it was pretty good. Read more

Obviously needs to be a sex symbol, fashionable, and charming. There’s really only one brit who pops into mind. Joe Wilkinson.

It should always go to an actor notable enough yet not too famous enough to actually overshadow the role itself Read more

Fingers crossed for a good result! Read more