Brian Kahn
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6/07/21 2:24PM

Remember when Greg Abbott went on Fox News, days after the storm, and blamed the power grid failure on The Green New Deal? And then everyone reminded him that Texas doesn’t follow the Green New Deal? Read more

5/07/21 6:19PM

Meh. I grew up in Mass, and Sam Adams is a taste I associate with concession stands at places like the Garden, where the choices were Sam, Heineken, and Bud Light.  So, yeah - Sam wins, unless there's Harpoon at the next stand.

5/07/21 4:32PM

As someone raised in Massachusetts and in an era before the explosion of craft breweries, it was the peak of novelty at the time.” Read more

5/07/21 4:08PM

Is this one of those plant-based beers I’ve been hearing so much about?

4/07/21 2:23PM

Thanks for clarifying. I think you & I are probably mostly on the same page!

4/07/21 12:10PM

I especially enjoyed the bit about how the local ecosystems may see a net benefit from oil spills because, in the wake of these disasters, humans temporarily stop fishing in these areas allowing the sea life to rebound. Read more

10/09/20 11:20AM

This is not news. There has been a vomit inducing caterpillar living in Washington for the past four years. 

5/21/20 1:08PM

The loon is prominent on Canadian coins. Their one-dollar coin is often called a “loonie.” The eagle is prominent on American coins and national branding. Read more

5/09/20 10:30AM

Samantha Grasso recently wrote a really good article about how COVID-19 illustrates a long-term conflict in US politics between the rights of individuals and the rights of communities. Climate change is the same kind of conflict: if I, as an individual, can pollute the community as much as possible without any kind of Read more

1/18/20 1:11PM

I am not sure that Earther’s commenting community is able to handle a conversation about sex positivity. It doesn’t help that this article has already been shared to Gizmodo.

If nudes can inspire the governments of the world to move to a post-carbon energy grid then that’s awesome. Sex is already used to sell plenty Read more