Rob Bricken
Rob Bricken was the Editor of io9 from 2016-18, the creator of the poorly named but fan-favorite news site Topless Robot, and now writes nerd stuff for many places, because it's all he's good at.
9/20/18 2:30PM

The problem Episode IX faces is the problem Star Wars faced before Force Awakens came out: the seriously commuted nerds have been mentally constructing their own Star Wars movie in the fermented nostalgia brine of their own head for 20-30 years and no actual real life film will satisfy the loosely constructed Read more

9/06/18 10:32PM

Okay, so the important thing to know is that it’s been a summer with a lot of endings for me. A project I adored, a job I adored, several people in my world passed away, etc. Read more

4/17/18 12:42AM

Rick and Carl and the Andy Griffith theme, funny idea there-

1/16/18 4:48AM

It’s not about how many parts there are, it’s about whether there is a good reason for it or not. Harry Potter did it because they didn’t want people to sit through a 5 hour film so they split a book that takes 11 hours to read on average. The Hobbit did it because they thought making a 4 hour book into a trilogy with Read more

1/15/18 5:26PM

Please show me this pose that shows up in every other issue where Peter Parker is showing off his giant ass.

1/15/18 2:43PM

Because 100 paragraphs is insanely too long for anyone to reasonably be expected to read especially on a Monday afternoon...

10/05/17 3:49PM

...because ‘meh’ is the same as openly contemptuous, and being ambivalent towards or even contemptuous of Blade Runner is the same as being openly contemptuous of geek culture? Well, I guess I better turn in my geek card (and throw away all my Arthur C Clarke books and delete my saved episodes of Humans) and refrain Read more

10/05/17 3:41PM

It’s important to have a geek on board for technical expertise etc., but a lot of insight comes from those that didn’t grow up geeks or weren’t already bias toward the same conclusion. Outside perspective is a good thing to have!

10/05/17 3:29PM

Yeah, what audiences want out of a movie has changed drastically since Blade Runner was made. Look at horror movies from the ‘70s and early-mid ‘80s versus horror movies in the ‘90s. Or even action films: No way the original Vanishing Point would have been made into a wide release film by the time the TV movie remake Read more

10/05/17 3:17PM

Can you be more specific? I don’t feel like this indicates that Beth and Charles don’t like science fiction, or that they despise fans of science fiction. I think they just don’t like Blade Runner. That’s perfectly fine; I consider myself a fan of science fiction and I think some Dr. Who is garbage.

10/05/17 3:12PM

I am imagining you sitting in an office interviewing people about turtles.

10/05/17 3:03PM

Is this a younger person thing? It’s a slow movie. With a slow burn. A lot of movies from the 80s were that way, and I think if you grew up watching more recent movies your attention span might not allow you to sit still to really take in the view..if you think Bladerunner was boring, try watching Star Trek: The Read more

9/14/17 4:27PM

Germain is still traumatized from the crash of his Lego Millenium Falcon, so we need to cut him some slack on these minor details.