Charles Pulliam-Moore
Charles Pulliam-Moore is an NYC-based culture critic whose work centers on fandom, pop culture, politics, race, and sexuality. He still thinks Cyclops made a few valid points.
5/20/21 10:28PM

I think the show presumes that, of all the people it introduces, Schumacher’s the one whose future people are most likely to be familiar with.

5/09/21 2:22PM

Honestly, I reminded myself not to make this mistake, and then immediately proceeded to make the mistake, lol. Thanks for the catch.

4/14/21 2:16PM

It’s the apocalypse. Who gives a shit about money? I get that the movie may posit that survivors still operate in a cash-focused society, but that’s silly.

4/13/21 9:45PM

There are non-black derivations of white heroes exist that rarely if ever get anywhere near the amount of controversy as a black derivation. Read more

3/02/21 12:07PM

He’s not her biological father, no, but I still consider her and Pietro his children even more than Polaris, tbh.

2/26/21 8:07PM

These people are a little too obsessed with theories that they start to believe themselves and then get mad when it doesn’t come to fruition on the show. Read more

2/26/21 8:06PM

Agatha’s never been a bad guy per se, but she’s been quite frosty with Wanda and others in the past, and I wouldn’t say that she’s always been someone people would consider friendly.

2/26/21 8:05PM

I think this is the correct take. When Agatha explains to Wanda the different kinds of spells she’s been unknowingly casting, she names transmutation as one of the larger ones. I took it to mean that Wanda transmuted available matter in the area around her home into vibranium akin to the way alchemists sought to Read more